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Global Impact

AUC is a sustainability trailblazer among the region’s higher education institutions, setting an example for others and going beyond the boundaries of its campus to achieve tangible environmental and social impact. From developing green strategies and promoting renewable energy sources to engaging with the community and equipping future leaders with a sustainability mindset, AUC addresses critical environmental, social and governance concerns to ensure the sustainability of our society and world.

the horizon split into a green half and a damaged half, representing Global Warming and climate change

Environmental Impact

AUC is committed to actively participating in global sustainability efforts. We were the first University in the region to measure our carbon footprint and have made significant progress in reducing it.  Our sustainable campus practices have been featured in the United Nations Environment Programme’s Greening Universities Toolkit as a global example of a green, low-carbon institution. We adopt multiple energy-efficient technologies, implement recycling and waste reduction programs and use treated wastewater to irrigate our landscape. Harnessing our education and research expertise, AUC’s Climate Change Initiative is strategically focused on mitigation and adaptation measures, in addition to realizing our carbon reduction target of net-zero emissions by 2050. We offer a top-ranking master’s program in sustainable development and host a center fully dedicated to applied research on the environment and sustainability. Our alumni are environmentally conscious, responsible leaders who promote sustainable practices in their respective fields. 

Male student taking a photo of recycled cans

Social Impact

We pride ourselves on our culture of inclusion, diversity and equity — ensuring everyone on campus feels safe, welcome and valued. To create a fully inclusive learning environment, the campus was designed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. It includes a medical services center and a center for student well-being to actively support students facing academic, emotional or social challenges. AUC fosters a globally minded community from over 60 countries and actively promotes gender equality within the University, with more than 50% of our faculty and student body composed of women. With service at the heart of our University’s mission, AUC is engaged in community partnerships and programs that support education, health, environmental sustainability and cultural heritage preservation, among others. Its extended education offerings provide technical training, career skills and professional development for the country’s and region’s workforce.  

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Good Governance

Governance plays a pivotal role in AUC's commitment to sustainability. By incorporating sustainability considerations into our policies, we set a high standard for responsible decision-making and foster a culture of accountability and transparency. Robust mechanisms are in place to monitor and evaluate our operations, ensuring that resources are utilized effectively and ethically. Our Office of Institutional Equity ensures a fair and inclusive environment, promoting diversity and equal opportunities for all members of the campus community. The University Senate serves a crucial function, providing a platform for faculty, staff and students to contribute to important policy discussions and ensuring transparency and accountability in the University’s governance. The Student Union serves as a representative body, giving students a voice in decision-making processes and advocating for their rights and interests.