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AUC alumni form a global network of more than 40,000 leaders, creators and change agents connected together.

AUC Alumni

With more than 45,000 alumni spread out across 130 countries, AUC boasts a diverse and globally minded community of graduates. These alumni are making their mark in a wide range of fields, from business and finance to technology, arts, politics and more. With their AUC education and international experience, they are well-equipped to tackle the complex challenges of our interconnected world. Whether they are leading corporations, starting their own businesses, or working in nonprofits and public service, our alumni are making an impact in their communities and beyond.

Continuing the Legacy of Excellence

  • Of AUC alumni are employed within the first year of graduation.
  • AUC alumni across the globe spanning 129 different countries.
  • Of AUC’s gifts are being given by alumni and students.
  • Countries where Alumni Live
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    Alumni of the Shop

  • A woman is talking

    AUC Trailblazers: Hadeer Shalaby '11

  • Three men standing next to each other, there are three screens ganging on the wall behind them

    Student Project Highlight: Digital Twins

  • video thumbnail

    AUC Trailblazers: Ramy Radwan '06

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    AUC Trailblazers: Abdallah Sallam ‘01

  • A male wearing glasses is standing next to red pillars. Text reads "The Facilitator: Ahmed. Driven by Excellence. Every Day. The American University in Cairo"

    Meet Ahmed, AUC’s Driven Facilitator

  • auc alumni driven coach

    Meet Karim, AUC’s Driven Coach

  • Two men walking, text reads "AUC Trailblazers: Seif Amr '14 and Ahmed Hammouda '09"

    AUC Trailblazers: Seif Amr '14 and Ahmed Hammouda '09

  • A woman talking in a garden

    AUC Trailblazers: Nadia Gamal El Din '11

  • AUC Trailblazers: Ayman Baky '96

  • Woman standing cross armed and smiling

    AUC Trailblazers: Mirna Arif '02 '07

Notable Alumni

Resources for Alumni

AUC helps its alumni connect across the globe. AUC alumni can share their successes, engage with other excellent alumni, and make key connections that will influence their future.

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