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Arabic Language Programs and Courses for Academic Credit

A new language is a new life…So, if not now, when? If not here, where? Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world, native to some of the world’s richest civilizations. Whether at AUC’s old campus in the bustling center of Cairo, the heart of the Arab world, the state-of-the-art campus in New Cairo, learners from all walks of life will find great learning opportunities with world-class faculty to benefit from.


Who Should Apply?

  • Undergraduate and graduate students fulfilling their University Arabic-language requirements
  • Study-abroad and exchange students fulfilling their semester-abroad or year-abroad requirements
  • International students seeking intensive Arabic language training in an immersive environment over the summer
  • Diplomats in need of a program to prepare them for their foreign service exams
  • Professionals and non-degree learners who need to gain a good command of contemporary Arabic language and culture as quickly and effectively as possible
  • Advanced U.S. learners seeking to bring their Arabic skills to near-native fluency
  • Advanced learners from all nationalities seeking high-level training in Arabic language and culture


  • Highly qualified, dedicated and caring instructors 
  • Communicative skills-based and Content-based instruction
  • Modern Standard, Media and Egyptian Arabic curricula
  • Small class sizes
  • International student body
  • State-of-the-art campus
  • Rich cultural program
  • Immersion language learning experience
  • Free and subsidized trips around Egypt 
  • Lifelong friends and mentors, memories and knowledge
  • Scholarship opportunities

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Non-Academic, Non-Credit Arabic Courses

Enroll in one of SCE's Arabic courses and improve your Arabic faster. High-quality, affordable, flexible, accessible, and highly structured non-academic, non-credit Arabic courses to all who wish to develop their Arabic language communication skills and use Arabic in different social and professional contexts. SCE’s Arabic classes are designed to enhance employability and personal development, and sustain lifelong learning.

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This is for non-academic course seekers who:

  • Wish to develop their Arabic language communication skills in various social and professional contexts
  • Want to learn Modern Standard Arabic or the formal language of Arabic, used on TV and in newspapers, magazines, official documents, etc.
  • Are in need of pre-semester survival courses in the spoken Arabic of Cairo
  • Have little or no prior knowledge of Arabic and need basic language skills for traveling in and around Egypt and most Arabic-speaking countries
  • Wish to learn Arabic online at their own pace    
  • Are non-Arabs living in Egypt or abroad and wish to learn Arabic
  • Are Arabs living abroad and need to develop their Arabic language skills


  • Courses are available to Arabs who wish to learn Arabic, Non-Arabs living in Egypt, and Arabs living abroad. 
  • Courses are suitable for all ages.
  • Enroll in one of SCE's Arabic courses and improve your Arabic faster
  • The best location to learn Arabic in the heart of Cairo for face to face classes
  • Different class sizes whether for small groups or one to one tutorial classes
  • Different delivery modes, face to face, live online or self-paced
  • Different Arabic tracks for diverse learning needs
  • Professionally qualified instructors and native speakers
  • Courses are available in different modes: face to face, live or self-paced online. 
  • Accommodation for diverse learning needs is available. 

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AUC's Master of Arts program in teaching Arabic as a foreign language (TAFL) is a distinctive degree program with few, if any, counterparts in other American universities. Several institutions in the United States such as the University of Texas, Georgetown University, Michigan University and Ohio State University, to name a few offer linguistics courses with some focus on Arabic. However, the comprehensive MA program that AUC established in 1979 is one of a kind. 

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