Leadership at AUC

AUC's leadership team is made up of a knowledgeable, diverse, group of individuals from all over the world. Leadership at all levels is dedicated to creating a University environment that promotes excellence in teaching, research, creative expression and service.   

The Board of Trustees is the governing body that is responsible for the overall direction of the University. The board approves AUC’s mission and vision, budgets, campus plans and policy changes. Board of Trustees members supervise the University’s endowment and serve without compensation. The board also appoints the AUC president. 

AUC's president is the chief executive officer of the University and oversees all its operations. The president provides leadership and supervises the strategic actions that advance the overall direction, vision and values of the institution.  

The president works with the provost, the University's chief academic officer, on all issues related to academic programs. The provost is responsible for shaping and implementing the University’s academic vision, building the size and quality of its faculty, and ensuring that the quality of research and education are at par with the University’s mission and goals. 


Board of Trustees

AUC’s trustees constitute a governing board that is responsible for the overall direction of the University.



Francis J. Ricciardone, AUC’s president, is leading AUC’s mission to be Egypt's global University. 

Ehab Abdelrahman


Ehab Abdel-Rahman holds the rank of full professor within the Department of Physics at The American University in Cairo (AUC).

University Senate

University Senate

The Senate is the representative council of the university faculty, with the participation of students, staff, and administration. It ensures faculty participation in governance and in the discussion of issues important to the university community.

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University Senior Leadership

The University Senior Leadership is composed of senior administrative and academic leaders responsible for advising the president on operational and strategic matters. They are committed to leading the University with well-informed decision making, coordinating University-wide initiatives and policies, executing AUC's strategic plan and exploring new opportunities.   

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