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Located in Cairo, in the heart of the Middle East, AUC is a leading English-language, American-accredited institution of higher education and center of intellectual, social and cultural life of the Arab world. Read about AUC's mission, vision and values.




Board of Trustees

AUC’s trustees constitute a governing board that is responsible for the overall direction of the University.

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AUC’s 13th President Ahmad S. Dallal is an accomplished academic leader and renowned scholar with U.S. and regional higher education expertise.

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Provost Ehab Abdel-Rahman, AUC's chief academic officer, is responsible for shaping and implementing the University’s academic vision, building the size and quality of its faculty, and ensuring that the quality of research and education are at par with the University’s mission and goals.


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AUC History

AUC is making history every day. Learn about landmarks in AUC’s history, since its founding in 1919 until today.


AUC Timeline

The American University in Cairo was founded in 1919 and for its first 27 years it was shaped by its founding president, Dr. Charles A. Watson.

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Then and Now

The University has evolved from a small community college to a world-class university.

Our Campuses

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AUC New Cairo

Designed to accommodate 5,500 full-time students and 1,500 faculty and staff, AUC’s $400 million, 260-acre campus is technologically advanced and environmentally sensitive. 


AUC Tahrir Square

The historic AUC Tahrir Square campus is a landmark and cultural oasis in the heart of Cairo. A gathering place for lovers of literature, theatre and all forms of arts and culture,.

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Campus Tours

AUC offers on-campus tours at select dates throughout the year.

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Sustainable AUC

AUC tackles sustainability from every angle; decreasing the University's carbon footprint, promoting environmental research and education, and implementing recycling programs and raising public awareness. 

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University Centers for Career Development

As part of the University’s role to advocate youth empowerment, share expertise and strengthen relations within Egyptian universities and the private sector; AUC has been implementing the UCCD project since 2017 in cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

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Strategy Management and Institutional Effectiveness

Strategy Management and Institutional Effectiveness comprise different functions that work together to advance AUC’s mission and promote effective decision making.

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AUC operates within the framework of a 1975 protocol with the Egyptian government, which in turn is based on a 1962 cultural relations agreement between the Egyptian and US governments.

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