Outgoing Study Abroad

The American University in Cairo is proud to be part of a longstanding and deep commitment to international education to help students become active leaders and conscientious members of an increasingly global society.

The Office of International Programs and Services (IPSO) administers the announcement, recruitment, and selection of AUC students for exchange opportunities, provided in light of the University agreements with partner universities across the globe. Through this program, we aim to add to the students' academic and professional experience. We also hope to send students who can represent AUC abroad, and bring back valuable experiences to our campus, which will eventually promote the internationalization of AUC. 

Our students are driven to explore the world, and AUC’s ambitious study-abroad program makes that happen.

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Worldwide Study-Abroad Opportunities


Students Learn to See the World With New Eyes


Hear From Our Students

Male student standing in front of an old building

I am pleased I spent a semester in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Edinburgh. I had the opportunity to learn a lot, make friends from all over the world and get exposed to a variety of cultures, which were essential for my overall development as a global citizen.

Sherif Sakran
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Female student standing in the snow in front of an old building

Getting my semester abroad opportunity at Hamline University in the United States was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I got to be the first AUCian and Egyptian to go there, where I found a number of various classes, activities and friends who made my time there memorable and beneficial for my career and personal life.

Fatema ElGhonemy
Hamline University, United States
Male student standing in front of a waterfall

My exchange experience at the University of Rochester was beyond amazing, to say the least. It felt like being a freshman again, unworried about academic pressures, all open to enjoying the college diversity, the city charm  and the captivating nature. I loved the diversity of backgrounds on campus, the field trips to local museums and national parks, and the fruitful involvement in student activities.

Ahmed Yasser
University of Rochester, United States

Study Abroad and Exchange Program for Undergraduate Students

AUC offers its students a wide variety of study-abroad opportunities, mostly on an exchange basis, for a semester or an academic year. International study is an enriching experience that is valuable for students’ personal growth and career prospects.

Exchange Program for Graduate Students

AUC provides exchange opportunities for study abroad at a partner university for one semester only to its graduate students.

Summer Study Abroad Program

If you’re interested in studying abroad, but not sure if you can handle a whole semester or a year away from home, a summer abroad is a good option for your first taste of a unique educational experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It's likely to make you want to embark on another study-abroad adventure.

Ambassador Program

The Study Abroad Student Ambassador Program (SASAP) is a co-curricular activity that aims at preparing students to become representatives of AUC during their exchange/study abroad experience.

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