Dining with an AUCian

About the Program

This program is designed to bring together AUC alumni from diverse career fields and provide a networking opportunity with current AUC seniors and graduating seniors in a relaxed setting outside campus while sharing a meal. This program is an opportunity for students to share their experiences at AUC and learn more about their host's journey as an alum and what happens after graduation. It also allows everyone to expand their social circle by meeting new people.

Recent Event

Medhat El Araby '92, VP of El Araby Group, invited a group of seniors to El Araby factories in Menofia. He spoke about the empire built by his late father and his experience as the first in his family to join AUC, which made the rest of El Araby generations to follow his footsteps. He reassured the students that their education at AUC is the foundation for what they will encounter in the real world. Thank you, El Araby, for an inspiring day.

Medhat El-Araby with a group of AUC students at the factory

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How to Join the Program

For Senior Students

For more information, check our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For Alumni

If you are interested in hosting a group of AUC senior students, email alumni@aucegypt.edu