AUC Clinics

AUC clinics are available on both campuses: New Cairo and Tahrir Square. The clinics provide a number of medical services for the AUC community. All healthcare data is treated with confidentiality.

AUC New Cairo Clinic

Location: Campus Center, Plaza Level, Room P051

Working Hours: 24/7

Numbers: From the AUC landline, call extension 4000. From cell phone, call +20.2.2615.4000.

Ambulance service is provided for critical cases on the New Cairo campus only.

If an emergency occurs, contact the medical emergency landline at +20.2.2615.4000 or cell phone at +2.012.8000.1039.

AUC Tahrir Campus Clinic

Location: Beside the Hill House, Main Campus

Working Hours: 9 am - 9 pm weekdays and weekends

Numbers: From the AUC landline, call extension 5000. From cell phone, call +20.2.2797.5000 or directly call +2.012.8000.1039.

For emergencies occurring outside campus, contact the Egyptian Ambulance,123.