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Confidentiality of Healthcare Data

  • The AUC Office of Medical services recognizes the right of every member to the privacy of medical information. As such, the AUC clinic is committed to protecting all personally identifiable health information.
  • The AUC office of medical services will not disclose any information except if required by law or when there is a threat to the health and safety of any member of the community.
  • You may request specific information from the AUC office of medical services by sending your request to medicalserv@aucegypt.edu from your AUC email address.
  • The AUC office of medical services does not fax information to external fax machines because of data security concerns unless requested by the patient in writing.
  • To request a copy of your records from the AUC office of medical services, submit a written request including your name, ID, birth date and the information requested. AUC Office of Medical Services will send you the requested information by mail, or you can collect it from the office reception desk during working hours.