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Clinic Medical Services

AUC clinics provide a wide range of medical services and healthcare for the AUC community, including primary healthcare, emergency services, wellness programs, immunization services, pediatric clinics, first aid programs and more.

  • Emergency services are provided 24/7 in AUC New Cairo campus clinic and from 8:30 am - 10:00 pm in the AUC Tahrir Square campus clinic.
  • The AUC clinic provides a 24/7 emergency service with its components, such as life support, stabilization, and ambulance transfer.
  • The emergency services are available for all AUC community, students, faculty and staff.
  • When an AUC community member or visitor on campus is injured or is suffering from a medical condition that requires emergency first aid or examination by a physician, the patient himself/herself or anyone who is present at the incident site should immediately call the following numbers:
    • New Cairo campus clinic t: +2.012.8000.1039, or +20.2.26154.000 or ext. 4000 from any on-campus line.
    • Tahrir Square campus clinic: t: +20.2.2797.5000 or ext. 5000 from any on-campus line.

The caller should provide the following information:

  1. The detailed location or landmark, approximate age, gender, and name (if known) of the injured or sick member
  2. As many details as possible about the nature of the injury or illness
  3. Information about any hazards that may threaten the patient or the responding team
  4. The name, ID, and phone number of the caller
  • The emergency response medical team moves immediately to the site of the emergency. An assessment of the severity of the patient’s condition is performed, upon which the medical decision is taken.
  • The AUC ambulance service is intended for the transport of critical cases on the New Cairo campus premises only.
  • Emergency services are also available at the New Cairo off-campus dorms and faculty housing clinic located at plot 1, apartment 5, from 8 am - 8 pm on weekdays and 24/7 on weekends and official holidays.

The clinic is offering primary health care for the Cigna subscribers in the form of:

  • Physical examination and treatment prescription
  • Referral for requested investigations (Lab tests and imaging)
  • Referral for specialized medical consultation when needed
  • Collecting samples (for standard tests) and sending them to a contracted external lab
  • Authorizing external prescriptions and chronic monthly medication to be dispensed from affiliated pharmacies
  • Arranging on-campus annual checkups. Most of the tests and consultations are performed in the New Cairo campus clinic

For any further information regarding Cigna insurance, check their website.

  • Providing clinical examination of students, including prescribing medication or referrals for imaging or lab tests to be processed by their medical insurance provider
  • Assisting students applying for a semester abroad by filling out and stamping their medical forms
  • Reviewing the medical reports for the disability eligibility forms in collaboration with the Office of Student Wellbeing
  • Clinical examination, in addition to prescriptions and referrals for acute conditions to be processed by AXA insurance
  • The AUC clinic hosts AXA representative physicians offering the required services to AXA subscribers for five days a week from Sunday to Thursday in New Cairo and Tahrir Square campus clinics from 9 am - 3 pm
  • Issuance of reports upon request for chronic cases or for verifying insurance issues
  • Issuance of parking permits and medical eligibility for the use of club carts
  • Issuance of medical reports are done from both clinics, AUC New Cairo and Tahrir Square campus
  • Covering medical requirements for sports events, from tryouts, practices and matches to big tournaments played on campus or off campus upon request from the office of athletics
  • The medical coverage may include physicians, nurses, and clerks, and at New Cairo campus may also include a golf cart and an ambulance according to the size and medical requirements of the sports event and tournament
  • Verification of medical reports and checkups for athletes
  • The office of medical services receives requests from the concerned department or office at least one week prior to any event to be able to provide the medical assistance required
  • The request is to be clarifying details such as the venue of the event, the number of attendees, and the nature and duration of the event
  • The medical coverage may include physicians, nurses, and clerks, and in New Cairo campus may also include a golf cart and an ambulance according to the size and medical requirement of the event

Medical booths or tents required by our office for events are with the following specifications:

  • The booth is the standard AUC booth with five chairs

The tent needed for medical procedures should be provided a totally covered space with no transparent windows, with the following details:

  1. Area: three square meters
  2. Door: Width should be at least 120 cm and can be fully opened or folded
  3. Floor: Coated by any anti-slip floor cover or a carpet, especially if held on a dusty ground
  4. Furniture: two chairs and one table
  5. Equipment: Light source and multiple electricity sources for medical devices
  6. Outer cover: Preferably of a waterproof material
  • The AUC physician verifies the reports and recommendations issued by the external treating physician within the insurance network.
  • The employee who has already visited an external physician or underwent a medical procedure and was given a medical report with a recommended sick leave should provide the clinic with the medical report along with the following documents:
    • A detailed official original stamped sick note issued and signed by the external health provider (within the insurance network), including the name, date, and number of days for sick leave
    • Related lab results, imagining reports and prescription of medication
    • In addition to presenting the leaflet to attend the medical examination form (official sick leave form)
  • Sick leaves for employees are done in both clinics, New Cairo and Tahrir square campus
  • As part of the legal requirement for renewal of the work permit, non-Egyptian employees must perform some lab tests. The AUC office of medical services, in collaboration with the business support office, hosts testing of the non-Egyptian staff and faculty.
  • The office of Medical Services provides the physical space and the required materials and supplies for the test, which is performed by doctors from the Egyptian Ministry of Health central laboratories.

Note: The hosting work permit renewal service is held at the New Cairo campus clinic only.

According to the number of newly hired employees, AUC clinic may handle the logistics and arrangements to complete the formal requirements by the health insurance authority - Form 111. The required tests are held in the AUC New Cairo campus clinic as a formal hiring procedure required by the HR department and the health insurance authority.

  • Vaccination services are provided by appointment; any AUC member wishing to receive the vaccine in the AUC clinic must provide the vaccine and the medical report requesting the vaccination.
  • The AUC office of medical services facilitates vaccination processes for the community whenever needed (flu vaccination and COVID-19 vaccination).
  • All types of vaccinations are not covered by insurance.
  • Immunization services are offered at both New Cairo and Tahrir Square campus
  • To promote the health and wellness of the AUC community, the following programs and clinics are now available for the AUC community with the following details:

 AUC New Cairo campus Clinic

  1. Nutrition Clinic: To design and tailor patient-centered diet plans, free BMI, and health tips to achieve and maintain a healthy weight promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Smoking Cessation Clinic: Providing free help and consultations for members who are willing to stop smoking
  3. Psychiatry Clinic: Available to provide insight, support and reassurance to any member on their journey of well-being, adopting a positive and encouraging approach to the practice. Services include:
    1. Initial, thorough psychiatric or psychological assessment of needs and concerns
    2. Ongoing, problem-focused individual or family counseling or psychotherapy, which can include Specific problem-solving, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Management of symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and other concerns and Medication management
    3. To book an appointment, call ext. 3907 or +20.2.2615.3907 or send an email to [email protected]

AUC Tahrir Square Clinic

  1. Smoke Cessation Clinic
  2. Psychiatry Clinic

To book an appointment, call ext. 5000 or +20.2.2797.5000 or email [email protected]In addition, we continue to enhance the healthy lifestyle of the community; this is by addressing any arising issues that can affect the health of the different segments of the AUC diverse community through different campaigns and health initiatives.

The AUC New Cairo Cairo campus clinic hosts a pediatric clinic to provide the medical care needed for the daycare facility, Cigna subscribers’ dependents and any urgent pediatric cases on campus. To book an appointment, you call ext. 3907 or +20.2.2615 3907 or email [email protected].

  • The AUC New Cairo and Tahrir Square clinics provide information about the risk of diseases, vaccination or procedures required by travelers from the AUC community when traveling to high-risk countries.

For further travel information, check the Center for Control Disease and Prevention.

  • First Aid sessions are offered by the AUC office of medical services team in collaboration with different departments, offices, and student clubs.
  • AUC office of medical services, in collaboration with the Egyptian Life Support Training Center, is also an official site for Basic Life Support (BLS) licensed provider by American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI).
  • Sessions are offered in both clinics, New Cairo and Tahrir Square campus

Biannual orientation to describe basic knowledge on how to access medical services on campus as well as the medical insurance services are presented for the newcomers, including international students, staff, and faculty, in addition to the parent association. The orientation takes places in both clinics, New Cairo and Tahrir Square campus.