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AUC Clinics

AUC has medical clinics located on both its campuses in New Cairo and Tahrir Square. Clinics provide a wide range of medical services and healthcare for the AUC community, including primary healthcare, emergency services, immunization services, first aid programs and more.

Check out all services offered by AUC clinics. All healthcare data is treated with confidentiality.

Clinics Locations

Location: Campus Center, Plaza Level, Room P051

Working Hours: 24/7

Numbers: From the AUC landline, call extension 4000. From cell phone, call +20.2.2615.4000.

Ambulance service is provided for critical cases on the New Cairo campus only.

If an emergency occurs, contact the medical emergency landline at +20.2.2615.4000 or cell phone at +2.012.8000.1039.

Location: Beside the Hill House, Main Campus

Working Hours: 9 am - 9 pm weekdays and weekends

Numbers: From the AUC landline, call extension 5000. From cell phone, call +20.2.2797.5000 or directly call +2.012.8000.1039.

For emergencies occurring outside campus, contact the Egyptian Ambulance,123.