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Student Organizations

Whether it’s watching the stars or women’s rights that sparks your interest, you will find like-minded people in one of The American University in Cairo's (AUC) many and varied student organizations. The wide selection of co-curricular activities available at AUC reflects the diverse backgrounds and interests of the student body.  

Joining a club lets you develop your personal skills and get involved in areas of community service, student government, culture, special interests, academics, or student conferences. The University also has several student-run publications and newspapers: The Insider, Caravan and The Independent, and AUC Times.


  • Accounting Association Logo


    The Accounting Association strives to serve accounting students and prepare them with skills and knowledge and ensure that they are well-equipped professional financial leaders in the business world.

  • The Math, Actuarial and Data Science Association strives to serve, represent and empower students majoring or minoring in actuarial science, mathematics and data science through hosting info sessions, training sessions, workshops and competitions and ensure a smooth academic experience.

  • Architecture Association

    The Architecture Association aims to attain all standards of excellence in different aspects and services to ensure that the association is a sufficient platform for all architecture students, where the association serves the student body by providing facilities, opportunities and services.

  • Astronomy


    The Astronomy Club, at AUC, aims to spread awareness about astronomy and science in the community. The club was founded in September 2011 by Ramy El Adli.

  • Biology Association

    The Biology Association’s mission is to serve undergraduate Biology students by supporting the educational mission of the Department of Biology, enabling biology students to advance on the academic, intellectual, and professional levels. The association aspires to focus on the psychological side of the students by offering them different social and
    entertainment events to relieve academic stress. In addition, the association is open to all students who are interested in biology.

  • Business Association

    The Business Association (BA) is an entity that aims to serve business students both academically and socially by keeping them connected with the business community and empowering their learning process and to bridge the distance between business students, the School of Business, and
    employers through integrating academic knowledge, practical experience, and leisure activities.

  • Chemistry Club

    The Chemistry Club is in parallel support to the educational mission of the Department of Chemistry to serve and develop chemistry students on the academic and professional levels. It is open to all students interested in chemistry.

  • CS and Engineering

    The Computer Science and Engineering Association strives to represent and pursue the interests and aspirations in computer science and engineering majors. CSEA aims at facilitating communication between the departments and students and the outer world as well. CSEA strives to build a stable organization with solid foundation to realize and maintain this vision.

  • CEA Logo

    The Construction Engineering Association aims at serving construction engineering students and empowering them to be amongst the
    next generation of leaders and to build one sustainable association for construction engineering students that would provide a foundation for networking and exchange of experiences, as well as expose students to the construction industry inside and outside Egypt.

  • Economics Association

    The Economics Association aims to help students find their passion and career in economics. EA tries to help students in any way possible whether through acting as a liaison between students and faculty or paving the way for students to discover what their life after university will look like

  • The Electronics and Communications Engineering Association aims to form an effective and efficient local government serving the collective interests of the students in this major, prepare them for effective living in a democratic society, and enhance their academic experience.

  • Fab Lab is a sub-organization that falls under the Mechanical Engineering Association. It is a rapid prototyping working space, equipped with machines, tools, and a team to help you make almost anything.

  • The Film Association strives to help further innovate and develop the film program in a way that caters to students' needs. The Film Association's vision is to also create a closely knit community and network for future film professionals.

  • Finance and Economics


    The Finance and Economics Club is the first student-run organization of its kind that focuses on fostering and developing the financial knowledge of AUC students, both academically and practically.

  • The Graphic Design Association aims at providing graphic design students at AUC with the best, simplest, most effective and most efficient learning experience possible by engaging them in extracurricular activities, meeting and listening to their needs, and providing them with a variety of workshops to help them explore their interests further.

  • iRead AUC is an affiliate student club to iRead Middle East which is an initiative that is aimed at reviving the reading and writing culture among the youth. It serves as a hub for readers to connect and a space for writers to develop their talents. The purpose of the club is to promote the role of reading and culture in shaping the intellect of the youth.

  • Literature Club


    The AUC’s Literature Club aims at bringing together AUC students of all majors who share an interest in literature.

  • Masscomm


    The Mass Communication Association aims at staying relevant to all mass communications students by providing academic and entertainment value that fulfills their needs, in addition to representing them professionally in front of other formal entities to capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering Association is the core of activities for mechanical engineering students. It is focused on developing students through three concepts:
    - Learning the concepts and applications of mechanical engineering and its relation to society
    - Developing the society and students academically and socially through theoretical and practical approaches
    - Applying all that has been learned in mechanical engineering for the benefit of society and the people around you

  • Political Science

    The Political Science Students Association endeavors to assist, flourish, and inspire its constituent’s ambitions whether its academic sophistication or within the dimensions of extracurricular venture or career attainment. PSSA addresses a platform that aims to rectify and reconstitute the academic political science spectrum of course selection, fellowship and distinguished curriculum, and to safeguard the vocation and profession of our future leaders.

  • Philosophy


    The Philosophy Association supports, develops, and entertains AUC's philosophy students.

  • The Psychology Association aims to guide, inspire and develop psychology students and the community they form by creating an environment of excitement and growth.

  • Robotics


    The Robotics Club is a student-run organization at AUC that develops members' academic and soft skills through technical programs, hosting events, and joining competitions.

  • The mission of the Society of Petroleum Engineers is to collect, disseminate and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources and related technologies for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence.

  • The Society of Physics Students is the AUC chapter of the international SPS of the American Institute of Physics. It connects all physics students, graduates and all interests with the field. Additionally, it presents science and physics for all society in an accessible and engaging way. It offers many opportunities, accessibility to publications, and events for students.


Community Service


Political and Multicultural Organizations

The Arts and Culture 

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Student Governance

Special Interest

  • The Animal Rights Association aims to make a difference in the community, by increasing public awareness of animal welfare in Egypt and reducing cruelty towards animals.

  • Heya is a feminist initiative working to support, empower and educate women within and beyond the scope of the AUC community. Through fostering dialogue, enlivening debate, and initiating action, Heya seeks to create a safe, proactive, and inspirational space for passionate and critical youth.

  • The Gaia Movement's aim is to raise awareness of Egypt's most pressing environmental issues and combine this with the active engagement of students to help minimize their waste, energy usage, and carbon footprint on campus.

Faith and Intercultural