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Environmental Engineering - MSc

Program Overview 

The Master of Science program in Environmental Engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering degree program that is administered by a director and a steering committee from the engineering departments. Other faculty members from the School of Sciences and Engineering participate in the program. It provides a broad program of study in preparation for careers in advanced engineering areas in addition to in-depth knowledge in Environmental Engineering with a strong research component.  Graduates will be prepared for PhD studies or for research and leadership in government, industry and international consulting companies.

student taking a photo with his phone of the large pile of recycling packed soft drinks pile ready for recyling

The objectives of the Master of Science in Environmental Engineering graduate program are to provide the graduates of the program with:

Broad knowledge of modern computational and experimental methods in engineering

Extensive knowledge in fundamental environmental engineering science, the interactions of pollutants in water, air, and subsurface environments, and the design of treatment/pollutant remediation systems

In-depth understanding of the research methods and data analysis in one of the areas of environmental engineering noted above

An ability to solve unstructured engineering problems of social significance, think critically, and function well in a team

A high and ethical standard of written and oral communication on technical matters

Degrees and Admission Requirements

Students wishing to pursue a Master of Science program in Environmental Engineering should meet the minimum academic and admission requirements set by AUC.


Fellowships are highly competitive awards. They are open to new students and may also be available to continuing graduate students who display superior performance in their academic endeavors, depending on the availability of allocated funds for a given fellowship award.

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