Climate Change Events

AUC supports the agenda for climate action through a number of events covering a wide range of topics, including: green finance, water scarcity, urban development, energy transition, public health.

Check out the upcoming events held at AUC in preparation for COP27, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. In case you miss any event, make sure to watch the coverage of previous events.

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Mangroves in Egypt: Challenges and Opportunities

January 17, This discussion highlighted the importance of Mangroves in Egypt to increase communities' resilience to climate change and the keys to Mangrove rehabilitation projects' success and sustainability, as well as identify the main barriers to designing and implementing these projects.


Implications of COP27 on Responsible Management Education in Africa

January 11, The AUC School of Business hosted the first Annual General Meeting of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Management Education (UNPRME) Chapter Africa at the AUC New Cairo. They held two sessions. Session 2 was under the name "Implications of COP27 on Responsible Management Education in Africa".


Taking Stock of COP27

December 12, This discussion explored the main climate gains made through COP27 and ways of translating them into just climate action.

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Gender Wednesday: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Climate and Gender Post COP 27

November 23, Tina Jaskolski, adjunct faculty at AUC, held this intriguing as she examined COP27’s ripple effect on gender-based topics. This session is the third of Gender Wednesdays, a series that mainstreams gender and build a culture of inclusiveness at AUC and beyond. Gender Wednesdays sessions are brought to you by Tomorrow's Leaders Gender Scholars (TLS) Program.


The Use of Technology in Dealing with Climate Change

November 22, The Caravan held a Q&A session titled The Use of Technology in Dealing with Climate Change, featuring Rasha Allam, associate professor and associate chair at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication AUC and Mohamed Kholief, Innovation and Digital Transformation Consultant, Board member at CIT and the founder of IKD.

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Future Cities and Integrated Design for Sustainability in the Built Environment

November 21, Carmela Cucuzzella, professor at the design and computation arts department, Concordia University delivered a public lecture where she met with faculty, students and staff and contributed to a series of discussions and studio sessions at the architecture department.


Campus Conversation: Live from COP27

November 10, AUC's COP27 task force members joined virtually from the Green Zone in Sharm El Sheikh, where they shared news and insights about the University's participation in this global climate change summit.


Film and Talk: The Lost Legacy of Bida Bikini: An Epic African Journey of Glass Making

November 8, A documentary about the culture of glass making, The Lost Legacy of Bida Bikini explores the ancient technique of glass making by the Masagá community of glassmakers in Nigeria. Lesley Lababidi's documentary, shown at COP26 in Glasgow, looks at a group of glassmakers who migrated from Egypt into sub-Saharan Africa over 200 years ago.


African Deans Roundtable for COP27

November 7, The roundtable aimed to develop an Africa-tailored framework of action for African business schools to work together collaboratively (in coordination with the private sector and civil society) that matches their needs and adapts to the continent's realities.


Climate Change in the Middle East: An Overview of Impacts and Responses

November 3, Hear from a panel of international experts as they unpacked the responses of the Middle East region toward climate change.

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The Earth Turns: A Climate-Inspired Performance for COP27

November 2 - 3, The Earth Turns is a climate-inspired bilingual (Arabic and English) performance for the lead-up to the COP27 Climate Conference. It is funded by the British Council's Creative Commissions Egypt for COP27.

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Designing for the Future: Utopia, Dystopia, and Demystifying Complexity

November 2, How can we imagine the future beyond the challenges of today? How can we convince others to envision 10, 50, or 100 years from now when they already feel overwhelmed by the present? Speakers explored how imagining multiple futures in their extremes help us to produce richer, bolder future scenarios and push past future thinking tropes, like the used future aesthetic.


Cairo Media Conference Fourth Edition

October 23, This fourth edition of the Cairo Media Conference, dubbed Communicating Climate Change: Is the Climate Crisis Also a Communication Crisis? shed a spotlight on this era's most crucial issue, climate change. 


Future Skills: Upskilling Humankind for a Better Future by Dr. Arndt Pechstein

October 19, Arndt Pechstein provided answers on how we can create a future-forward environment that encourages experimentation and meets the challenges of tomorrow today. He also introduced success patterns enabling educators to adapt to a VUCA world, namely pursuing shared goals, people empowerment, and effective collaboration, thus creating a future we want to live in.


Gender as a Pillar of Climate Justice: Local Conversations Ahead of COP27

October 19, Curious to know more? Watch this intriguing conversation with speakers Salem Massalha, social entrepreneur and international consultant, and Sarah El Battouty, a global award-winning architect in the field of green and environmental buildings and sustainable development. The discussion was moderated by Waleed Mansour, program manager on climate and energy at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Egypt office.


How to Move Beyond Water-Stress in the Arab World?

October 19, The Arab world is most vulnerable to the catastrophic impacts of climate change. Soaring temperatures, climate shocks, droughts, economic instability, conflict and population growth pose severe challenges to water security in the regime, with far-reaching socio-economic and environmental implications. Finding ways to manage limited water resources and building on existing potential is more pressing than ever.


Is Just Energy Transition in the Arab World Viable?

October 10, This discussion centered around the opportunities and challenges of energy transition in the Arab world to unpack whether there is a “right energy mix” of renewable and nonrenewable sources and how the energy transition can be pursued justly in Egypt and the Arab world. 


Sustainability and Climate Change: A Mega Trend

October 2, Ehab Shalaby, chairman and CEO of Dcarbon Egypt, discussed and shed light on the following headlines: Constructing a narrative, Global and National Policy and Strategy Architecture, The Role of the Financial Sector, Opportunities, Challenges, and Innovative Solutions.


The Road to COP27: Shifting Behaviors to Address Climate Change in Egypt

September 29, This seminar of the Global Evidence for Egypt Spotlight Seminar Series co-hosted by J-PAL Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and UNICEF Egypt, supported by Allianz, focused on how evidence from global, randomized evaluations can inform efforts to tackle climate change in Egypt.

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World Bank Group's Middle East and North Africa Climate Roadmap

September 27, The World Bank Group presents its climate roadmap in the Middle East and North Africa, which aims to spur climate action and implement a green recovery in the region. A panel discussion on food systems, water security and climate-smart cities follows.

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Agriculture and Local Adaptation to Climate Change in the MENA

September 27, MENA agricultural sectors are working hard and struggling to adapt to the intensity of climate change. Farmers are forced to reduce the negative impact of climate change with limited government support, while finding new opportunities to maintain their livelihoods. Alternative Policy Solutions (APS) at AUC and the Governance and Local Development Institute (GLD), University of Gothenburg, recently held a Policy Roundtable that brought together experts to discuss the various ways climate change is affecting everyday life and livelihoods.


AUC's Road to COP27

September 26, AUC is participating in COP27 to support the agenda for climate action and continue its role in educating the public and diffusing innovation for a sustainable future. Join in to learn about all the activities at the AUC pavilion at the Green Zone COP27.

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Towards a More-Than-Human Mobility: The Future of Sustainable Cities in Egypt

September 18, Egyptian cities to come will not look like the cities of today. In this event, Momen El-Husseiny of AUC and Noran Abdou ’14 of AECOM discussed how this rapid urbanization will affect the future.

Alternative Policy Solutions

GLD Policy Roundtable Climate Justice and Equity in the MENA

September 7, Climate change affects populations differently. Some nations contribute more CO2 emissions than others, bearing responsibility for increasing temperatures and changing climate patterns. Poor nations often face the greatest brunt of climate pressures, exacerbating underlying development challenges. Confronting global and regional inequalities is central to achieving climate justice. Alternative Policy Solutions (APS) at AUC and the Governance and Local Development Institute (GLD), University of Gothenburg, held its second Policy Roundtable that brought together experts to discuss climate justice and equity.

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The Stories Behind Uncertain Futures: Using Scenario Planning to Imagine the Future of Energy

September 6, In this Futures Talk, Moataz Darwish of AUC and Salma Nagy of BP Egypt unraveled how the energy sector addresses climate change challenges. The talk also explores how scenario planning helps us imagine a range of possible futures, thus gradually transforming the unknowable into the knowable.

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COP27 and Beyond: Climate Policy and Inclusive Development

September 5, AUC’s public policy research project, Alternative Policy Solutions, hosted Special Representative of COP27 President-Designate Wael Aboulmagd to discuss the significance of COP27 for Egypt's inclusive economic development path and the country’s goals for the global meet, which will take place in Sharm El Sheikh in November 2022.

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Building to COP27: Accelerating Climate Solutions through Sustainable Built Environments in the Middle East and Africa

July 28, The Building To COP Coalition is a group of organizations catalyzing climate action in cities, regions, and the built environment, and work closely with the UN High-Level Climate Champions. The event discusses how we can accelerate climate solutions through sustainable built environments in the Middle East and Africa.

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The Road to Sharm El Sheikh: Preparing for COP27 (Opening Session)

July 19, Alternative Policy Solutions, a public policy research project at AUC, hosted "The Road to Sharm El Sheikh,” Civil Society COP27 Meeting in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung-Egypt. The event brought together more than 50 civil society associations and key government representatives to discuss climate change strategies and policies ahead of COP27 this fall.

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The Road to Sharm El Sheikh: Preparing for COP27 (Closing Remarks)

July 19, The Road to Sharm El Sheikh: Preparing for COP27 closing keynote remarks by H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Mohieldin, UN High-Level Climate Change Champion for Egypt.

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AUC Climate Change Initiative Launch

June 28, Watch AUC President Ahmad Dallal and UN Climate Change High-Level Champion for Egypt and Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund Mahmoud Mohieldin as they unravel the Initiative's multidisciplinary collaboration in utilizing the vast expertise available across the University to address our planet's pressing climate and sustainability issues. 

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Innovation Hub and New Silk Roads Roundtables

May 2022, the Innovation Hub and New Silk Roads convened two roundtables to begin shaping the Futures Lab theme and exploring different conceptions of an Egypt green transition beyond just carbon neutral. The roundtables have been carried out with a group of thought leaders from diverse backgrounds to begin shaping the Futures Lab themes. 

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Tahrir Dialogue Series 101: A Conversation About "COP 27, from an African Perspective

April 22, Addressing climate change on a global and equitable level is imperative. COP-27, hosted in Egypt next November, is a promising opportunity to have voices from the global south heard.

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Just Transition for Africa: The Role of Business Schools

March 20, A roundtable at the Business Forum 2022 that discusses environmental issues and challenges facing the African continent while analyzing related issues of social justice and energy poverty, in addition to key priorities for Africa at the upcoming COP27.

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Water Scarcity: The Convergence of Water, Food and Climate Security in Egypt and the MENA Region

November 2021, Mark Smith, Director General of the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), delivered a public lecture on the lack of international cooperation in water management and how it affects water security and scarcity, with an emphasis on North African vulnerability.

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What Can We Learn from COVID-19 to Confront Climate Change Crises

June 2020, Lama Elhatow, IFC environmental consultant in the environmental field across the MENA region and experts discussed the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on climate change and how it could change our approach to crises in the future.

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Renewables from the Sidelines to the Mainstream: Policy and Infrastructure Implications

June 2020, Ahmed Zahran, CEO and Co-founder of KarmSolar, discussed energy market transition currently underway in Egypt and the conflict that may follow between various parties in the energy sector in Egypt and the region.

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“Transportation and New Desert Communities”: APS Presents Solutions, and the Government Adviser Responds

July 2019, Mohamed Hegazi, co-founder and director of Transport for Cairo (TfC) and applied urban data scientist and policy entrepreneur, Ahmed Ellithy, chief operations officer of Mwasalat Misr, and Samy Abuzeid, consultant to the minister of housing on roads and transportation, delivered a public lecture launching policy paper titled “Towards Transit-Centric New Desert Communities in the Greater Cairo Region”.