Group photo, The American University in Cairo, Climate Change, AUC@COP27

USAID Scholars Activity Newsletter - COP27 Edition

In this special edition of the newsletter, the student scholars are featured to highlight their work to combat climate change and their role towards a more sustainable and green future.

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The American University in Cairo, Climate Change, AUC at COP27

Office of Sustainability Newsletter - November 2022

The American University in Cairo is proudly participating in COP27 at the AUC's Pavilion in the Green Zone starting November 8, 2022.

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AUCToday Fall 2022: AUC's Climate Change Initiative

No longer a far-fetched notion, climate change is an absolute truth drawing nearer and nearer through its various impacts on humans, animals and the environment. Employing scientific innovation and business savvy to promote a greener future, the AUC community is doing its part to fight the climate crisis.

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October Sustainability Month, a hand holding a bulb with a greenery background

Office of Sustainability Newsletter - October 2022

Campus Sustainability Month is celebrated in October by many Universities around the world including The American University in Cairo; the purpose of the month is to encourage those in higher education to alternate to more sustainable habits. 

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Greenery with the words Climate Change towards COP27

Office of Sustainability Newsletter - September 2022

The academic year 2022-2023 is a fresh start to a new climate change initiative that AUC is wholeheartedly committed to. This year is unlike any other year! It's more like the world is watching us worldwide for the COP27 that is taking place in Egypt in November 2022.

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Futures Lab Image

Futures Lab Initiative

Futures Lab is a joint effort between AUC Innovation Hub and New Silk Roads, to encourage collaboration between business leaders, architects, researchers and policymakers.

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Five Recommendations for Climate-Resilient Real Estate in Egypt

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Business Forward is AUC's School of Business creditable destination for business knowledge, insight and analysis on Egypt and the Arab regions. It includes business and economy content, covering the latest trends and developments across industries. 

Below is a list of articles produced by Business Forward on Climate Change:

  1. [Podcast] Live from COP27: Economics students reflect on loss and damage
  2. Developed countries played a dirty game on climate. Will humanity pay the price?
  3. How business schools can help Africa handle the impending climate crises
  4. Electric vehicles: a future fraught with challenges, and clean air
  5. Between climate denial and facts: is now the time to restrict fossil fuels use?
  6. How can Egypt achieve its green hydrogen ambitions?
  7. Egyptian businesses too can help save the planet
  8. [Infographic] DCode: COP 27, It’s not just the government and big businesses
  9. Net zero: How CIB Egypt is doing it
  10. Our factories to be carbon neutral by 2025, says L’Oréal Egypt Managing Director
  11. How Vodafone Egypt shapes its corporate responsibility to enable inclusive and sustainable digital societies
  12. Closing ceremony of social responsibility campaign awards responsible business models

Alternative Policy Solutions: Founded in 2017, Alternative Policy Solutions (APS) is a non-partisan, public policy research project at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Using a highly collaborative and inclusive approach in collaboration with national stakeholders and international experts, APS develops policy solutions that realize public aspirations and support policymakers. To date, and in collaboration with over 100 international and local experts, APS is proud to have developed policy papers, produced short films, podcasts, commentaries, and hosted public events on critical policy issues such as education, transportation, urban development, healthcare, and climate change. APS  has been working on climate change and environmental sustainability issues since 2018. Below are the products the research center has produced including research and multimedia products, as well as the experts it has worked with.


Urban Development:

Energy Transition:

Water Scarcity:

Other Resources from APS

Watch video by APS introducing the circular economy model, which reconciles 'developing countries’ urgent need for rapid economic growth and poverty alleviation with the need to avoid costly and irreversible environmental damage and social inequalities' (Saqr, 2021).

Watch video by APS explaining Egypt's potential to produce solar energy and the ways of financing it for domestic uses, which would preserve the environment and provide alternatives to citizens under the high prices of electricity.

Watch video by APS exploring possible solutions of redesigning Egyptian streets to be more inclusive of pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport, in an attempt to ensure smooth traffic.

GAPP Policy Brief: Issued by the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy

Policy Brief Issue 18, 2022

Are Cities the Causes of or the Solutions to Climate Change? - José A. Puppim de Oliveira

Policy Brief Issue 19, 2022

The Climate-Gender Nexus: A Deep Dive into the Egyptian Women’s Agricultural Sector - Logine Ahmed and Yehia Shaheen

Policy Brief Issue 20, 2022

Shedding Light on Resilience Policy: Case Studies from Egypt, India, and the UK - Noura Wahby, Albert Sanghoon Park, and Rekha Bhangaonkar

GAPP Public Policy Hub: It is an initiative developed at the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy in October 2017. It provides the mechanism by which good ideas and meaningful solutions to Egypt’s chronic and acute policy dilemmas, can be nurtured, discussed, refined, tested and presented to policymakers. It is designed to develop a cadre of well-informed and seasoned policy developers and advocates, while simultaneously fostering and promoting creative solutions to the challenges facing Egypt today.

Policy Briefs:


RADUC: The Student Caravan Podcast

RADUC Season 6: Episode 4: AUC’s Journey Towards Sustainability

Explore the past, present and future of AUC's journey to sustainability on RADUC, the student Caravan podcast, featuring Yasmin Mansour (MSc '16), sustainability director at AUC.


AUC and London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Climate Urbanism in the Arab World: An LSE and AUC Academic Collaboration

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