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AUC's Climate Change Initiative was established in response to worldwide climate change challenges and the active role academic and research institutions must play in understanding and addressing them. This initiative includes research, student activities, teaching and learning, as well as outreach activities. It draws on AUC’s extensive international network and rests on the academic and research expertise at the University’s departments and research centers. The initiative’s areas of focus are aligned with national and regional climate change and sustainability priorities.

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Focus Areas

Research and Initiatives

AUC Alumnus Sherif Hosny '02, '05 Brings Fresh Greens to Egypt's Supermarkets

Vertical farming company Schaduf, co-founded by Sherif Hosny '02, '05, is supplying supermarkets in Egypt with live vegetables ready to be picked by shoppers. Using 90% less water than traditional farms, the in-store hydroponic systems cut down on waste and carbon emissions.

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Abd El-Megid in her feature video

Gender and Climate: The Importance of Intersectionality

As climate change continues to degrade the environment, disrupt people’s livelihoods and threaten social stability, it has become increasingly important to analyze its impacts and solutions through an intersectional lens.

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Future Fuel

Hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in essentially any area. It can be processed into fuel for airplanes and ships. It can be burned to generate electricity, power cars or facilitate industrial processes that require a large amount of heat.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

Numerous studies have linked the fallout of climate change to an increase in both infectious and chronic diseases, many of which are irreversible. AUC’s Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology is working to identify and understand more of these links, which may help us anticipate, mitigate or adapt to these challenges.

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Our Faculty Delegates

Meet AUC faculty members who were active participants in COP27 and worked on different areas of research on climate change.

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auc faculty delegates at COP27

Our Students

AUC students representing AUC at COP27.

auc students participating at COP27
John Kerry

We stand ready to work with all parties and the Egyptian COP presidency to ensure that the Glasgow Sharm El-Sheikh Work Program on the Global Goal on Adaptation will accelerate effective action, and to fully operationalize the Santiago Network.  

John Kerry
U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

Our aim in this initiative is to reinforce AUC’s role as an active academic hub on climate change and sustainable development in Egypt and the region, as well as an active contributor to global efforts addressing climate change challenges.

Ahmad Dallal
AUC President
ahmed el khatib

My visit to COP27 has introduced me to a lot of very interesting initiatives and solutions as well as helped me expand my network, learn about many of the leading sustainable businesses of the world and meet great critical minds. It was astounding to me to learn what could be done in a matter of few years if everyone takes a solid stand towards a more sustainable future.

Ahmed El Khatib
Mechanical Engineering Sophomore


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Sustainability at AUC

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Center for Applied Research on the Environment and Sustainability

The center guides sustainable development efforts, providing holistic academic programs, applied interdisciplinary research, and community services for improving lives, livelihoods and safeguarding natural resources.



Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability is responsible for addressing AUC’s environmental challenges, including climate change, resource scarcity, pollution, and waste management.


Academic Programs

AUC provides multiple academic programs on sustainability, which aim to educate innovative and visionary leaders with a holistic understanding of the developmental challenges in today’s world.

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