Centennial Stories

#AUC100 doesn’t just reflect on the countless memories made in every corner, every class and on every occasion, whether then or now, but it’s also about the global impact that its people are making in the world. 


Trustees Engage in Future Conversation, Centennial Celebrations

The Board of Trustees Cairo meeting on campus last week was packed with a range of activities and events, from AUC’s Centennial Celebration Week and the launch of a strategic look at the future of the campus in the next 100 years to in-depth meetings with faculty and students.  

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centennial nights

Rana el Kaliouby '98, 00: AI Pioneer Works to Humanize Technology, Reflects on Time at AUC

“At AUC, I discovered my passion for human-machine interaction, and the phenomenal classes I took in computer science set me up to be a leader in artificial intelligence,” said Rana el Kaliouby, '98, '00, AUC trustee and CEO and co-founder of Affectiva, the global leader in emotion AI.

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AUC Community, Friends, Families Celebrate Centennial at Community Carnival

From the food to the fashion show, virtual reality, live music, street performances and all the way to “everything,” AUC community members and their friends and families said they enjoyed just about every part of centennial week’s Community Carnival on Saturday.  “It was fun, creative and a great way to spend my Saturday,” said Ryan Butler, an international student from the United States. Butler was among more than 1,000 people who attended the Carnival and took part in the diverse range of activities on campus during the day.

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Everything You Need to Know About Centennial Celebration Week

Centennial Celebration Week begins this Saturday, February 15 and goes on until Wednesday, February 19. Every day of the week will have a different event, performance, conference or other activities for the AUC community to enjoy, both after and during school and work hours.

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AUC-RiseUp Summit Partnership in Centennial Year

RiseUp Summit is coming to AUC New Cairo for the first time and is expected to attract 8,000-10,000 people, representing 60 countries. Startups and speakers from all around the world will be on campus from December 5 to 7 to conduct talks and workshops, and to inspire young entrepreneurs.

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Ewart Hall

Memories of Ewart Memorial Hall

Read more about the history of the Ewart Memorial Hall.

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AUC Students Reflect on 1919 Revolution Through Music

With a fresh unconventional take on history, AUC students have worked on producing an archival publication as part of the University's centennial celebrations to document the 1919 Egyptian Revolution while reproducing and recreating the ingenious songs of the Egyptian composer Sayed Darwish and poet Badie Khairy, who “informed as they entertained” Egyptians at the time.

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Pulitzer Prize Winner Maggie Michael '00 to Speak at Centennial Commencement

Maggie Michael '00, who graduated from AUC with a bachelor's degree in

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Akher Kalam: An American Student’s Impression of the College, 1930

Imogene Ward shares her experience at AUC and in Egypt in The AUC Review, the University’s first student newspaper, published on Friday, October 31, 1930.

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Centennial Benefit Dinner Photo Highlights

AUC hosted its eighth annual Benefit Dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art — one of the world's largest art museums, housing over 2 million works of art in collections that span over 5,000 years — in celebration of the University's centennial. The dinner raised more than $1.15 million for Centennial Scholarships to help top students attend AUC — exceeding the University's $1 million target.

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Centennial Benefit Dinner Exceeds $1 Million Target for Student Scholarships

At its eighth annual Benefit Dinner, AUC raised more than $1.15 million for student scholarships — exceeding the University's $1 million target for Centennial Scholarships, which help top students attend AUC. This is part of AUC's $100 million Centennial Campaign, which has now reached 80 percent.

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cent/AUC commencement

Speak English on Campus

In AUC’s early years, there were Speak English on Campus campaigns. Desserts were awarded to those who used English during the lunch hours and a spelling bee encouraged competition among the best students.

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cent/AUC classes

Students’ Pyramid

Back in 1920s, each AUC student, dressed in short pants and an undershirt, took two hours of athletics each week, mainly calisthenics and gymnastics. Back then, people did not associate spots activities with a college or university.

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A Century of Visitors

Looking back on distinguished visitors AUC hosted over the past century. #AUC100

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AUC Launches El Mostakbal: The Middle East Looking Forward

This week as part of AUC's Centennial Campaign, the University launched "El Mostakbal: The Middle East Looking Forward," an initiative aimed at jumpstarting a global conversation about regional issues and local challenges, providing a high-level platform for a dialogue on significant political developments and security issues. 

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TC Coverage of Community Carnival on Al Hadath

TV Coverage Of Community Carnival on MBC MASR

TV Coverage of Centennial Nights on TEN TV

TV Coverage of Centennial Nights on MBC Masr


Jeanne Badeau Barnett

"As I grew up on the AUC campus - my father John Badeau was president in the 1940s - I am always interested in AUC's development over the years. We lived in an apartment there and I grew up enjoying all that went on in the neighborhood - Tahrir Square and Kasr el Aini etc. - and the many parades and such."

Gregory Olson

"AUC has made an enormous impact on my life. I'm honored to be able to contribute at the time of this centennial celebration."

Dina Fouda

"I never chose to be given a better life by the AUC. Now I lovingly choose to give back part of what I awe but will never recompense."

cent/Steve Farley

My life was transformed by AUC and Cairo. My year at AUC made me who I am, and it was the most important year of my life. Mosr Umma Dunya!

Seve Farely 1984
Former Arizona State Senator, Artist and Graphic Designer
Centennial Highlights

At AUC, I discovered my passion for human-machine interaction, and the phenomenal classes I took in computer science set me up to be a leader in artificial intelligence.

Rana EL Kaliouby '98
AUC Trustee and CEO and Co-Founder of Affectiva, The Global Leader in Emotion AI
Man sitting

Given the misunderstandings between the Arab world and the West, it’s also important to have people who know both worlds. People at AUC are well-equipped to bridge those divides.

Nicholas Kristof (Alu ’84)
Op-Ed Columnist, 1984 The New York Times; Best-Selling Author; Two-Time Pulitzer Prize Winner

Congratulations, AUC, on your centennial celebration. I'm elated to be one of the guests serving knowledge on AUC's 100-year anniversary.

Marie Royce
U.S. Assistant Secretary Of State For Educational And Cultural Affairs
Nicholas D. Kristof

Given the misunderstandings between the Arab world and the West, it’s also important to have people who know both worlds. People at AUC are well-equipped to bridge those divides.

Nicholas Kristof ’84,
The New York Times; Best-Selling Author; Two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner
Old lady smiling

The phrase "mother knows best" takes on an entirely new meaning.

Farkhonda Hassan
MSc ’67
Smiling Man

AUC had 100 years of significant impact on education in Egypt. For 1000 more years to come!

Ahmed Tolba