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Egyptian Government Approves AUC Centennial Coin

Claire Davenport
November 26, 2018

The Egyptian government recently approved the minting of AUC's centennial coin. 

"It's the government acknowledging that 100 years of AUC is worth commemorating," explained Nagla Samir, associate professor in the Department of the Arts and co-chair of the Materials and Collateral Taskforce for AUC's centennial.

To create a coin for the centennial celebration in Feburary, graphic design students Ahmad Khalil, Mariam Ibrahim, Lana Kurdi, Mariem Abutaleb and Ingy Fawzy took part in a mentored workshop supervised by Samir and Ghalia Elsrakbi, instructor in the Department of the Arts. The student designs were inspired by AUC's unique architecture and the University's rich history.

"I hope that people get a feel for what this institution is about and realize thats it's been in Egypt for a very long time," said Khalil, describing what he hopes people think when they see the coin"It was the first time I helped produce something that would go out into the world; it's very meaningful," he added.

"It wasn't just a theoretical project -- your eyes and your professors eyes are not the only judge. Everyone has to understand this coin and it has to be of value for everyone," said Ibrahim, talking about how the design team wanted to create a coin that would speak to all AUCians.

Be on the lookout for the coin at AUC's yearlong centennial celebration starting in February 2019.  


The five AUC graphic design students who designed the University's centennial coin with President Francis Ricciardone (center), Nagla Samir (third from right), Ghalia Elsrakbi (second from right) and Lamia Eid, associate dean of Libraries and Learning Technologies and head of the Materials and Collateral Taskforce for AUC's centennial (left)