Important Note: In light of the current situation, Summer@AUC Bootcamps 2020 program will be offering three courses online. 


AUC hosts several summer bootcamps with professional and academic learning goals.

What is a bootcamp?

A bootcamp is an intensive, focused, short-term learning program that aims to equip learners with specific skills that have immediate relevance to career or academic goals. Teaching or training methods are experiential, hands-on, and dynamic, with real-world relevance, problem-based learning, teamwork, and individual development. 

Bootcamps include little theory and more practice that is clearly transferable and immediately applicable to professional or other contexts.

Bootcamps are offered as non-credit summer courses with various needs and purposes. The duration can extend from one week or three weeks.

Bootcamps are not awarded any credit toward programs at AUC. 



Creative Writing

Learn how to effectively write a memorable short story that leaves an impression on your readers. Let your imagination run wild and unleash your creativity with this student-centered creative writing workshop. Apply now.
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Summer Research Academy

Develop your research skills this summer, and prepare yourself to conceptualize your own research proposal. Apply now.
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Media and Digital Skills for Beginners

Learn how to professionally influence the world through media skills and tools that will set you on the right track in your media career. Learn the basic concepts of media ethics, and practice your skills by creating your own compelling media content. Apply now.
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