AUC Summer Program for Visiting Students, Summer@AUC Bootcamps

Summer@AUC Bootcamps

Last updated on April 12, 2021

As a young learner, adult/college student, or professional, you can find a variety of course options at The American University in Cairo’s summer program, Summer@AUC Bootcamps.

Summer@AUC Bootcamps provides ambitious students a transformational learning experience at the leading English-language, American-accredited institution of higher education in the Arab world. The program aims to equip you with specific academic and social skills that have immediate relevance to your career, goals, and interests. Courses offered are intensive, short-term, and focused non-credit courses that build your skills in your area of interest while providing you with little theory and more practice that is clearly transferrable and immediately applicable.

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Courses Offered

Young Learners: Age 7-12            Adults and College Students: Age 15+            Professionals

Young Learners: Age 7-12

Building strong and aware characters who understand the world around them and how they can contribute to it.

Engaged Generation

Engaged Generation

Help build your children's future roles in their communities and take part in this exceptional social and personal development experience. Children ages 8 to12 will engage in activities promoting self-exploration, diversity and acceptance, leadership and much more. Apply now.
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Adults and College Students: Age 15+

Providing opportunities for experiential, hands-on, dynamic, with real-world relevance, problem-based learning, while building teamwork, and individual development skills.


Creative Writing

Learn how to effectively write a memorable short story that leaves an impression on your readers. Let your imagination run wild and unleash your creativity with this student-centered creative writing workshop. Apply now.
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Back to the Future: A Journey Through Egyptian Art and Architecture

Engage in 2D and 3D modeling, coloring and freehand sketching. Explore the art and architecture of different Egyptian civilization eras and work with your team toward a final mini-exhibition. Join us this summer, and advance your talents as a young architect. Apply now.
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Summer Research Academy

Develop your research skills this summer, and prepare yourself to conceptualize your own research proposal. Apply now.
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Media and Digital Skills for Beginners

Learn how to professionally influence the world through media skills and tools that will set you on the right track in your media career. Learn the basic concepts of media ethics, and practice your skills by creating your own compelling media content. Apply now.
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Ecopreneurship: Where Innovation, Finance and Environment Meet

Live the entrepreneur experience — from coming up with ideas to shaping them and developing prototypes, all while keeping an eye on your community and environment. Apply now.
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MOJO: Mobile Visual Storytelling

Learn new media storytelling skills, and use modern technologies to gather, edit and distribute stories. Engage in this hands-on learning experience, and dive into next-generation media. Apply now.
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Comic Book Creation

MARVEL@Your Own Comic Book Creation

This hands-on, one-week bootcamp will help comic aficionados create their very first comic story. Get introduced to the comic book genre, and develop a wide range of skills to employ when creating a comic. Apply now.
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Arabic Calligraphy and Lettering

Enhance your knowledge of Arabic script’s beauty, fluidity and versatility. Learn the basics of Naskh calligraphy and Diwani script form manipulation. Find out how to utilize the Arabic form and basics of calligraphy to create typographic posters that maintain the essence of the Arabic script in the modern world. Apply now.
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Journey into your Egyptian Heritage and Identity

Explore your culture and discover your identity by immersing yourself in this journey through Egypt’s history. Connect to your roots, and learn how our history shapes us with thoughtful and reflective learning activities. Register now for this personal journey of exploration.
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Creative Writing in Arabic

Creative Writing in Arabic

Take your Arabic language proficiency to another level with this Arabic Creative Writing course. Learn how to write a short story in Arabic and make it memorable to your readers. Use your creative skills as well as your language skills to develop compelling stories that leave an impact. Apply Now!
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Building your Identity

Engineering your Mind: Building your Identity

Gain a deeper understanding of the workings of the self, and learn how they impact your thoughts and behavior. Take a journey into a self-exploration journey, and discover how you form your thoughts and beliefs and how you can take charge of your personal, intellectual, and emotional growth. Apply now!
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Advancing your career by getting direct training from industry professionals and experts.


Product Development Camp

Learn how to bring your ideas to life! This bootcamp demonstrates how to practically apply an integrated management approach to the development of new, innovative and successful products/ services from conception to commercialization. Apply now, limited seats available.
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