Winter@AUC Bootcamps 2021

Winter@AUC Bootcamps

Join us at Egypt’s leading educational institution, The American University in Cairo, for an unforgettable winter experience. The Winter@AUC program offers all interested learners tailor-made, noncredit courses that help expand their educational and personal skills through hands-on, dynamic teaching methods and an authentic and friendly learning environment. As a young learner, college student or professional, you can find many course options that equip you with specific academic and social skills having immediate relevance to your career, goals and interests. 

All Winter@AUC courses are intensive, one-week, noncredit courses that provide you with transferrable and immediately applicable practice. Gain enriching, firsthand experiences from AUC’s top-notch faculty, and make the most of your winter break.

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Courses Offered

      Teens and Adults: Age 14+     Young Learners: Age 9-14 



Design Thinking Winter@AUC Course

Design Thinking: The Creativity Within

We are all born creative! Design thinking is a framework that helps us rediscover our creativity in problem-solving. It helps us identify the problem, those who are affected by it (the user) and their needs, fears and aspirations. The user is placed at the focal point in order to create insight-driven innovations. The bootcamp is designed to immerse participants into this creative approach to problem-solving, where they will receive coaching on the tools, mindsets and frameworks of design thinking. Apply now!
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Computer Science Image Processing Winter@AUC Course

Computer Science: Create Your Own Image Filter

Image processing is incorporated into our everyday lives, and we take it for granted. Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and Facebook are a few of the many platforms that normalized the use of image and video processing, and they’re so simple to use that a 4-year-old can utilize them. Join the bootcamp to learn the fundamental algorithms of image and video processing, and create your own effects. Apply now!
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Creative Writing

Learn how to effectively write a memorable short story that leaves an impression on your readers. Let your imagination run wild, and unleash your creativity with this student-centered creative writing workshop. Apply now!
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AUC Child Nutrition Course

Young Nutritionists: Taking Control of Your Health

Take charge of your health, and learn lifelong eating habits that will help you lead a healthy life. Understand the general framework of what makes food nutritious, and learn how to make healthier choices every day. Apply now!
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Winter@AUC Bootcamps 2021

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