Join us in Egypt’s leading educational institution, The American University in Cairo, for an unforgettable winter experience. The Winter@AUC program offers you tailor-made, non-credit courses that will help you expand your educational and personal skills through hands-on and dynamic teaching methods while being immersed in an authentic and friendly learning environment. You will gain enriching, first-hand experiences from AUC’s top-notch faculty, helping you meet your social and educational needs. Choose your area of interest now and make the best out of Winter@AUC.


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A Journey into Egypt’s Language and Culture

This two-week course will provide you with the essential skills required for daily communication and interaction in Arabic with an innovative approach. You will understand the fundamentals of the Egyptian dialect through reading and oral drills and will learn more about Egyptians and their use of the language in everyday situations. Apply now.
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Winter Research Academy

Develop your research skills this winter, and prepare to conceptualize your own research proposal. Apply today.
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Creative Writing

Learn how to effectively write a memorable short story that leaves an impression on the readers. Let your imagination run wild, and unleash your creativity with this student-centered creative writing workshop. Apply now.
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