College Bound- AUC pre-college program

College Bound: AUC

Pre-College Summer Program for High School Students

Jumpstart your college experience this summer in an unforgettable, immersive, and transformative learning experience. 

If you are a high-school student looking for a chance to experience college life, discover your passion, explore available courses, make new friends from different nationalities and backgrounds, or just have a new experience, College Bound: AUC is the program for you.

The American University in Cairo (AUC) invites you to join a program that is a simulation of an actual college life. Get an insight into what college is about, engage in the AUC learning experience, attend classes with top-notch faculty, and join the diverse, global AUC community. Enroll in one of several exciting College-Bound: AUC courses and get a fast-track, world-class college education.

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College Bound: AUC Experience

Collaborate With Peers and Expand Your Horizons

In a period of three weeks, you will be challenging yourself in solving problems and studying one subject in depth under the guidance of AUC’s top-notch and highly qualified faculty. You will engage with students from all over the world with different life experiences and make lifelong friends.

Collaborate with your peers and challenge yourself in solving problems and expanding your horizons.

Transfer the Course and off-Load Yourself in College

Without the pressure of letter grades, you will gain the opportunity to step into AUC's yard and live a remarkable three-week learning experience. Courses are pass or fail and are eligible for transfer if a student enrols as an undergraduate after high school graduation.

Transfer the Course and Off-load Yourself in College

Discover your Passions With Mentor and Advisor Guidance

College Bound: AUC will help you find the areas where you will strive best or simply allow you to dive into an established interest. With the help of mentors and advisors, you will come out with a better view of your career goals and help you succeed in becoming a future leader.

Discover Your Passions With Mentors and Advisors Guidance

Engage in Social Activities and Trips

Simply enjoy your time and have fun making and connecting with new friends, allowing you to engage in a dynamic and unforgettable academic and social experience.

Engage in Social Activities and Trips


Start up trip

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Critical Global Issues

Be the change you want to see in the world! This course will help you become a future entrepreneurial leader who positively impacts society. Take a closer look at global issues through an experiential entrepreneurial lens, and develop the ability to think strategically and systemically. Learn the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneurial leader. Apply now.
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AUC Psychology

Introduction to Psychology

Do you ever wonder how our minds control our thoughts and behavior? Embark on this journey into human psychology with AUC’s introduction to psychology course. Explore the various fields of psychology to learn about human thought processes, feelings and behaviors. If you are interested in learning the workings of the human mind and exploring this popular field of study, join AUC this summer and get the chance to transfer its credits when you enroll in University.
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Architecture College Bound Course

Free-Hand Representation for Architects

Learn design skills that will set you on the right track for a career in architecture. Develop your free-hand drawing skills and techniques, and learn to sketch buildings and architectural spaces accurately from observation. If the art of architecture grabs your attention, then you shouldn’t miss this course. Join us on this exciting journey into architectural drawing and design. Apply now and earn credits when you enroll in university!
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ALA Banner

Media Enlightenment: Behind the Scene

Get a 360-degree understanding of how the journalism and communications industries operate. Engage in an exciting learning experience, where you will explore the different media used in today’s modern world, develop writing skills, learn the art of storytelling, understand ethics, get an introduction to advertising, learn the power of visual communication and develop basic photography skills. Apply now!
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Beginners Arabic course-AUC

Elementary Arabic

Learn the essential skills required for daily communication and interaction in Arabic through an interactive and engaging approach. Your learning experience will extend to the culturally rich streets of Cairo. Apply now, and embark on this unforgettable journey.
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Financial Accounting AUC Course

Financial Accounting

Do you have the skill of seeing numbers and money differently? This course will provide you with a thorough understanding of accounting as an information system. It covers the accumulation, processing, and communication of accounting information, emphasizing concepts like the measurement of assets, liabilities, equities, and income. If you are seeking to discover the world of finance and accounting in college; then this is the course for you. Apply now and earn its credit hours when you enroll to University.
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Design Foundations AUC Course

Design Foundations

Explore the world of graphic design, and learn the skills you need to utilize your creative talents! The course introduces students to the fundamentals of graphic design through abstract storytelling, music and data visualization, and film poster design. If you are interested in exploring the field of graphic design, then this course is for you. Apply now, and earn the course’s credit hours when you enroll at the University.
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Learning Outcomes

Improve Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Explore, connect, and evaluate issues, ideas, artifacts, and events before accepting or formulating conclusions or informed opinions.

Improve Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Engage effectively and constructively in discussions, and present information orally in a stimulating manner.

Improve Writing Skills

Writing Skills

Develop and express ideas in writing for a variety of purposes; persuade different audiences, and use writing to communicate effectively.

Improve Critical Reading

Critical Reading

Analyze, interpret, and make connections through a variety of written texts and other media.

Teamwork Skills


Collaborate and contribute effectively to team goals.

Information Literacy Skills

Information Literacy

Identify, locate, and evaluate information from a variety of sources, and use it responsibly in communicating your ideas.

Ethics and Civic Engagement

Ethics and Civic Engagement

Engage with social and ethical issues; recognize and critically reflect on civic identity and responsibilities.

Improve Social Skills

Social Skills

Ability to communicate effectively and build lifelong relationships.

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