Gear Up for College this Summer!

Join College Bound: AUC


The Academy of Liberal Arts, AUC’s home of the freshman student, is inviting high-school students to join our College Bound: AUC summer program. This is a college-level program that offers AUC freshman-level courses to qualifying high-school students during the summer. CBA is open to students entering 10th, 11th and 12th grade.

Courses are taught by AUC faculty members and will run for three weeks at the New Cairo Campus.

CBA courses cover various disciplines and include hands-on projects, community projects, fieldwork, excursions or research activities. They also target the Freshman Program learning goals, which equip students with academic and thinking skills to enhance academic, social and cognitive skills at all levels.

Course credit will be transferred to AUC for students who eventually enroll at the University as undergraduate students.


Pre-College Summer Program for High-School Students Launching Summer 2019


In addition to the individual learning outcomes for each course, the following AUC freshman program learning goals are achieved through CBA courses. These goals enhance academic, social and cognitive skills at all levels.

  • Critical Thinking: Explore, connect and evaluate issues, ideas, artifacts and events before accepting or formulating conclusions or informed opinions.
  • Oral Communication: Engage effectively and constructively in discussions, and present information orally in a stimulating manner.
  • Written Communication: Develop and express ideas in writing for a variety of purposes; persuade different audiences, and use writing to communicate effectively.
  • Critical Reading: Analyze, interpret and make connections through a variety of written texts and other media.
  • Teamwork: Collaborate and contribute effectively to team goals.
  • Information Literacy: Identify, locate and evaluate information from a variety of sources, and use it responsibly in communicating your ideas.
  • Ethics and Civic Engagement: Engage with social and ethical issues; recognize and critically reflect on civic identity and responsibilities.


  • High-school students entering 10th grade or beyond
  • Submit an English writing sample (at least 750 words): essay or reflection
  • Submit a copy of your report card for the past two years of school
  • Submit a recommendation letter from a high-school teacher within the past academic year. The teacher must mention the student’s capacity for academic study in English


  • CORE1130 - The Human Spirit: Being the Change
  • CORE1140 - Community Matters 
  • SEMR1110 - Creative Thinking and Problem Solving (TBA)
  • PSYC1000 -  Introduction to Psychology 
  • ENGR1005 - Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Drawing 
  • MACT1221-  Statistical Reasoning 
  • PHYS1001 -  Physics for Poets 
  • ENGL0120 - English for Academic Purposes (ELI course not transferable for credit)
  • ALNG1991 - Elementary Arabic

Contact Information

For more information and to apply:

Office of Strategic Enrollment Services
School Of Continuing Education


AUC New Cairo
Dr. and Mrs. Elias Hebeka Building
Entrance Gate 1 (Visitors Gate)


AUC Tahrir Square
24 El Falaki Street
P.O. Box 2511
Cairo, 11511, Egypt

Email and Working Hours


Working Hours: Sunday - Thursday

9:00 am - 3:00 pm

9:00 am - 2:00 pm during the month of Ramadan