AUC students doing an art project on campus

Student Development

To prepare for life beyond University, students at AUC have the opportunity to engage in a variety of programs that help them develop as individuals and as future professionals. AUC students also have the benefit of requesting a co-curricular transcript, where the programs they take part in - and the skills and experience they gain as a result - are verified by the University to serve as a valuable addition to their resumes in the future.


First-Year Program

The First-Year Program provides students with comprehensive year-long training to guarantee their successful completion of the first year.

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New Student Orientation

The new student orientation includes a series of sessions that orients students to AUC and life in Cairo.

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Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program provides select AUC students with leadership training to enable them to pursue positions of influence in student organizations and office-led programs.

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Student Ambassadors Program

Student ambassadors are the face of AUC. As part of the program, student ambassadors interact with distinguished guests, first-year students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents. 

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Students on tour with tour guide

Event Coordinators Program

The event coordinators program is designed to support AUC students in learning essential skills of event management. The coordinators learn how to organize, coordinate and manage all aspects of diverse events.

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AUC faculty and student on campus

Life Mentorship Program

The Life Mentorship Program supports students by providing academic, career, and personal guidance through one-on-one mentoring by faculty, and alumni. 

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AUC Student Studying

Work Study Program

The Career Center gives AUC undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to work on campus, physically or virtually, in various departments and offices through the Work Study Program.

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