George Marquis is the new Dean of Students

Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is here to support you in every step of the way through your undergraduate career. From your first-year orientation to your commencement, the office provides holistic support for health, well-being, and success. 


The Office of the Dean of Students supports student success by creating opportunities for growth and providing guidance and support in the multi-faceted area of holistic well-being. The dean of students creates opportunities for student development in the areas of leadership, community service, multicultural competence, resilience, and respect for difference. The Office of the Dean of Students furthers the mission of the University by building a cadre of student leaders that provide guidance, direction, and support for their peers and contribute to the AUC student experience. The Office of the Dean of Students also supports individual students who have unexpected setbacks during the semester. 


We aim to have AUC recognized as the leading national and regional institution of higher education in the area of support for student success and well-being

Dean's Message

Dear AUC students,

Welcome! Whether you are a new or continuing student, Egyptian or international, degree- or non-degree-seeking, you are a valued part of our campus community. I am privileged to serve as AUC’s dean of students in the area of the vice president for student life. My role is to focus on students holistically and support them throughout their time on campus, with the ultimate goal of seeing each student succeed.

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Contact Information

Office of the Dean of Students
Campus Center
Room 1058
AUC New Cairo

Office Hours

Sundays to Thursdays
8:30 am - 4:00 pm