Student Leadership Program


The Student Leadership Program provides select AUC students with leadership training to enable them to pursue positions of influence in student organizations and office-led programs.


To be the premier student leadership institute in the country and region.

Components of the program

  1. The Leadership Course  

Enrolled students receive 30 hours of training in leadership theory and skills. The course is typically scheduled for Tuesday afternoons. In Spring 2019, 25 students successfully completed the course and received certification and in Fall 2019, 40 students successfully completed the course and received certification. Facilitators of the program have included Kevin O’Connell from the School of Business and Fikry Boutros from the Academy of Liberal Arts.

  1. Mentoring

Graduates of this program who are now in positions of student leadership continue to serve as mentors to the new leadership cohorts, sharing their on-the-ground experience. 

To apply:

The dean of students sends an announcement to all eligible students prior to the beginning of each regular academic semester. Interested students should fill out the application form linked to the email. Eligibility criteria include having a minimum of 60 credits but needing at least 30 more to graduate, holding or planning to hold a titled position in campus or student co-curricular life, such as a leading position in a student organization or first-year program, a residential life resident advisor, a team sports captain, or a student ambassador.