Student Ambassadors Program

Student Ambassadors Program

Student Ambassadors are the "face" of AUC. As part of the program, student ambassadors interact with distinguished guests, first-year students, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents. They represent the spirit and values of the institution. Student Ambassadors not only conduct tours, sharing their expert knowledge of AUC's campus with their esteemed guests, but also play an integral role during AUC community events, such as commencement, orientations, commemorations, and celebrations.

Program Benefits:

  • Leadership, etiquette, and formal dining skills training from top-tier training companies

  • Communication skills, self-reliance, and leadership development

  • Networking opportunities

  • Meeting distinguished guests, faculty, and administrators

Tours Offered:

  • New Cairo Campus

  • Tahrir Cultural Center and Campus 

  • AUC Gardens

  • AUC Lighthouse

  • AUC Campus Architecture

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