Administrative Offices

Student Life Offices

Last updated on April 11, 2021

Office of Athletics 

The Office of Athletics offers quality athletic activities and learning opportunities to all students. Its programs promote a healthy lifestyle, discipline, teamwork, and leadership development, as well as high standards of ethical conduct and sportsmanship. The sports program emphasizes health and enjoyment through recreation, fitness, competitions, and sound physical habits.

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Office of International Programs and Services

The International Programs and Services Office is responsible for all academically-related partnerships with which AUC engages. In particular, the office promotes and supports initiatives that encourage academic outreach and service, influence curricular internationalization, and strengthen the global reputation of the University.

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The Center for Student Well-being

The Center for Student Well-Being works to help students develop resiliency to enable them to cope with challenges on the emotional, behavioral, or cognitive levels. It also works to raise awareness among the AUC community about the types of challenges and disabilities that a percentage of our student body deal with so that they better understand and empathize with students experiencing difficulties and receiving care. Finally, the center provides targeted outreach messages of well-being to the AUC community, guiding them on holistic healthful lifestyles and coping mechanisms.

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Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students is here to support you every step of the way through your undergraduate career. From your first-year orientation to your commencement, the office provides holistic support for health, well-being, and success. 

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Office of Residential Life

The Office of Residential Life provides a dynamic, student-centered experience and a variety of accommodation styles. We, at the Office of Residential Life, tailor programming for different phases of the academic cycle and student growth, from first-year through graduate studies, and offer support and referrals to ensure a holistic residential experience. Study abroad and exchange program students, too, are welcomed and integrated into the living-learning community. Through targeted outreach and services, the Office of Residential Life aims to develop leadership qualities, academic success, global compassion, community service, and cross-cultural competence. A team of nearly 50 full-time professional and paraprofessional staff members ensures the orderly operation of AUC's student residence halls both on and near campus in New Cairo.

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The Office of Student Development and Community Relations

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Relations handles student conduct cases that are reported through an automated system. It uses streamlined processes for first and minor offenses whenever possible. As part of AUC’s educational mission, the Office of the Dean of Students communicates policies in clear and comprehensible language. It trains and mentors staff to work with students to understand underlying problems and attempt to provide guidance and support to get students back on track and restore good standing.

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Office of Student Life

The Office of Student Life facilitates co-curricular student life through the support of student activities and services. The office staff believes every student should be afforded the opportunity to grow and learn about self and community. Their participation in one of 60+ organizations enriches their campus experience and sets them on a path of life-long learning.

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Office of Institutional Equity 

The Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) oversees the University’s centralized initiatives for preventing, reporting and responding to concerns related to discrimination and harassment based on sex, gender, marital status, pregnancy, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, disability, religion, gender identity or expression, and any other characteristic protected by Egyptian law, in accordance with the University's Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy. 

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