The View From Egypt

Host of the Open Mind on PBS Alexander Heffner interviewed different voices from the AUC community for a special podcast series: The View from Egypt. The episodes focus on citizenship, diplomacy, education, theatre and medical innovation. Listen to them below.

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IOT and Mobile

Technology for Good: Faculty Explores the Emerging Applications of Mobile and ICT for Human Betterment

“My prime objective since my return to Egypt in 2009 was to conduct research that not only advances the body of global knowledge in my field but also addresses problems relevant to Egypt,” said Tamer ElBatt, professor and director of the computer science graduate program.

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Construction engineering students 'build on Mars'

Construction Engineering Students 'Build on Mars' Using Earth Materials

A group of construction engineering students — Zenah Helmy, Gehad Ayman, Ziad Abdeen, Reem Gamal ‘20, Omar Sawan ‘20 and Kareem Reda ‘20 — explored potential building materials for Mars along with possible construction methods by making use of NASA’s 3D printed pre-existing model.

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auc portal

USAID Scholars Activity Offers Scholarships to 140 Public School Students this Year to Study at AUC, Egyptian Universities

AUC recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Egypt's Ministry of Education and Technical Education to promote the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Scholars Activity program in schools.

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Paving the Way for Future Generations: Faculty Researches Generating Renewable Fuels from Waste

“I believe research should impact human life toward a better environment, living standard and best use of natural resources,” said Mohy Mansour, adjunct professor of mechanical engineering. "Energy is one of my main fields of research, and most of my work is focused on the efficient use of conventional sources of energy -- both new and renewable energy resources."

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AUC Faculty Reflect on their Students' Handwritten Notes of Gratitude

On the last day of classes, students surprised their professors with handwritten notes to express their gratitude for their ongoing support in online learning despite the unusual circumstances.   Walid Kazziha, professor of political science:

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Women on Boards Observatory Prepares More Than 400 Women for Corporate Board Positions

AUC's Women on Boards Observatory announced that its Board Ready Women database now has more than 400 qualified women to serve on corporate boards, including at least 150 women who already have board experience. 

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Faculty Tips on Striking a Balance Between Lecturing and Student Participation

“A number of students sent me thank you notes during the semester. However, the most rewarding gesture of thanks that I received from them is when at the end of the last class, they unmuted the sound and video and each one of them carried a note of thanks expressing their appreciation. For me, it was a thrilling gesture, which I will always cherish,” said Walid Kazziha, professor of political science.

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AUC Discusses Gender Norms and Upbringing in SpeakUp Dialog Series

"Upbringing starts with the image a woman has of herself. It's how you see yourself that will reflect on how you bring up your children," said Sara Aziz, founder and president of Safe Kids. Aziz was one of the speakers at AUC's SpeakUp Dialog Series: From the Playground to the Living Room: How Are We Socialized Around Gender Norms?"

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class-thank you

'I Am Happy and Grateful to Feel So Appreciated' - Students Give Thanks to Faculty

“This last semester has been different, to say the least, and has required a lot more on my end to be creative, engaging, effective and still meet my learning outcomes, and it was wonderful to see the appreciation directly from those who mean the most: my students,” said Yasmine Saleh '91, associate professor of practice of clinical psychology.

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'It Is an Overwhelming Experience to Earn So Much Love' - Sonia Zulfiqar Receives Notes of Appreciation from Students

On the last day of classes, some students expressed their gratitude to faculty members for their ongoing support despite the circumstances. Sonia Zulfiqar, associate professor of chemistry, was in for a surprise when her students put up thank you notes on their screens. 

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Sue Ellen Hassouna

Sue Ellen Hassouna (LLM ‘13) Honored for Fighting Corruption

Sue Ellen Hassouna (LLM ’13), who earned her Master of Laws in international and comparative law from AUC and is president of the Sue Ellen Foundation for Legal Development, was honored by the Egyptian government for her efforts in implementing the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in state entities.

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auc landscape

Tapping into Homegrown Talent: Student Interns Engage in AUC Next 100 Campus Plan

Last summer, six of AUC’s talented architecture students were engaged in a four-week internship program with the AUC Campus Plan team along with international architecture firm, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners LLP (BBB) studying, designing and visualizing ideas for the next 100 years.

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the new normal

What is the New Normal?

Is there a new normal? What does this term — which has taken on a life of its own since COVID-19 hit the world — mean in terms of our work, social life or home routine?  News@AUC spoke to members of the AUC community to explore what their new normal is. Nothing “New” About the New Normal

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PBS Host on Fake News in the Digital Age

While social media has changed the speed with which we are able to receive news, it has also been a dangerous medium for fake news, or as PBS host Alexander Heffner prefers to call it, viral deception, as it exists with no checks and no delineation between fact and fiction. 

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