AUC Discusses Gender Norms and Upbringing in SpeakUp Dialog Series

"Upbringing starts with the image a woman has of herself. It's how you see yourself that will reflect on how you bring up your children," said Sara Aziz, founder and president of Safe Kids. Aziz was one of the speakers at AUC's SpeakUp Dialog Series: From the Playground to the Living Room: How Are We Socialized Around Gender Norms?"

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class-thank you

'I Am Happy and Grateful to Feel So Appreciated' - Students Give Thanks to Faculty

“This last semester has been different, to say the least, and has required a lot more on my end to be creative, engaging, effective and still meet my learning outcomes, and it was wonderful to see the appreciation directly from those who mean the most: my students,” said Yasmine Saleh '91, associate professor of practice of clinical psychology.

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'It Is an Overwhelming Experience to Earn So Much Love' - Sonia Zulfiqar Receives Notes of Appreciation from Students

On the last day of classes, some students expressed their gratitude to faculty members for their ongoing support despite the circumstances. Sonia Zulfiqar, associate professor of chemistry, was in for a surprise when her students put up thank you notes on their screens. 

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Sue Ellen Hassouna

Sue Ellen Hassouna (LLM ‘13) Honored for Fighting Corruption

Sue Ellen Hassouna (LLM ’13), who earned her Master of Laws in international and comparative law from AUC and is president of the Sue Ellen Foundation for Legal Development, was honored by the Egyptian government for her efforts in implementing the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in state entities.

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auc landscape

Tapping into Homegrown Talent: Student Interns Engage in AUC Next 100 Campus Plan

Last summer, six of AUC’s talented architecture students were engaged in a four-week internship program with the AUC Campus Plan team along with international architecture firm, Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners LLP (BBB) studying, designing and visualizing ideas for the next 100 years.

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the new normal

What is the New Normal?

Is there a new normal? What does this term — which has taken on a life of its own since COVID-19 hit the world — mean in terms of our work, social life or home routine?  News@AUC spoke to members of the AUC community to explore what their new normal is. Nothing “New” About the New Normal

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PBS Host on Fake News in the Digital Age

While social media has changed the speed with which we are able to receive news, it has also been a dangerous medium for fake news, or as PBS host Alexander Heffner prefers to call it, viral deception, as it exists with no checks and no delineation between fact and fiction. 

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New Trustee Elected: Bishoy Azmy '02

Bishoy Azmy ’02, CEO of the Dubai-based ASGC construction group, is the newest and youngest member of AUC’s Board of Trustees. 

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The Future is 360: Integrating Virtual Reality into Construction Engineering

The shift to online learning has led to considerable changes in the way faculty members can teach their courses, including several sacrifices. However, despite the elimination of physical activities, Ibrahim Abotaleb, assistant professor of construction engineering, could not give up the most important aspect of his class: field trips. 

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auc graduate alumni awardees

Research with Impact: Science Alumnae Nationally Recognized for Best Theses

Two AUC alumnae Dina Fouad '12, '19 and Yasmine Abdel Maksoud (MSc '09, PhD '18) were nationally recognized by Egypt’s Engineering Education Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities for “best theses," developing - respectively - materials with enhanced mechanical properties that have promising potential applications in the dental and biomedical fields as well as a water treatment unit to help solve Egypt’s water scarcity challenge.

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Alex h.

The Open Mind Comes to Cairo

Alexander Heffner, host of The Open Mind on PBS — the longest running broadcast in American public television — is joining AUC for a discussion on the role of the media in writing history. On December 7, viewers can tune in, ask questions and join in on the conversation. You can find event details here. “We will discuss the importance of civil discourse, civic education, and a free press to global citizenship and consider the responsibility of media platforms and journalists,” Heffner said.

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Creating an Inclusive Workforce: Students Help Integrate People with Disabilities into the Workplace

Taking an active stance to integrate people with disabilities into the workplace, students in Managing the Human Capital class engaged in a real-life, experiential learning project with DHL Global Forwarding to address this challenge. Their recommendations will be used by the company’s HR department.

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AUC Hosts Higher Education Minister, University Presidents to Discuss Pandemic Measures

COVID-19 has highlighted the significance of enacting policies to ensure safe study and work environments in light of the increasing health challenges, and AUC remains committed to providing a safe campus while simultaneously maintaining educational excellence.

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You, W-Ana Too: Exploring Sexual Harassment from Multiple Perspectives

AUC’s Theatre Program is looking to cast actors for the upcoming production, You W-Ana Too, a play that explores the issue of sexual harassment from various perspectives, including family and couple, bystander, victim and perpetrator, male and female, power and incapacity. 

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What Are You Thankful for This Year?

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us time to sit back and reflect on ourselves, the people around us and things we might have taken for granted before. With Thanksgiving coming up, we wanted to hear from members of the AUC community about what they've realized they're thankful for this year. Here are some of their reflections: 

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