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Infographic showing that the AUC School of Business Executive Education open-enrollment programs placed 62 in the Financial Times

School of Business Executive Education Open-Enrollment Program Jumps Five Places in Financial Times Ranking

The AUC School of Business Executive Education open-enrollment program jumped an impressive five places in the Financial Times (FT) rankings. This year, the program ranked at 62, maintaining its position as the only ranked business school in the Arab region and one of only three in Africa. This achievement highlights the program's commitment to providing relevant, practical, and high-quality education to business professionals worldwide.

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aerial view of AUC's graphic design senior exhibition

Graphic Design Seniors Create Impactful Projects for Egypt and Beyond

Tackling social, environmental and economic issues, the 20 plus projects for this year’s Graphic Design Senior Show explore the concerns graduating seniors have for the world they are entering. 

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Zahwa Kortam and Abdallah Sabah accept their awards standing on stage in front of a screen.

AUC Students Win in Mechanical Engineering Competition

Two AUC students won an Elevator Pitch competition at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers EFx (e-fest) Cairo 2023, which took place at the New Cairo campus. Mechanical engineering majors Zahwa Kortam and Abdallah Sabah placed first and second, respectively.

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Two men standing together smiling

AUC's Life Mentorship Program Creates Lasting Connections

Whether seeking guidance about careers, academics, creativity, entrepreneurship or life in general, students in all stages of their AUC journey — as well as alumni — can find help in the form of a mentor under the University’s Life Mentorship Program (LMP).

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Sudan flag with cracks depicting conflict in the country

Sudan Split: Faculty Weigh in on Conflict, Humanitarian Crisis

Violence has erupted in Sudan as the two major militarized groups, the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), have gone head-to-head in civilian-populated areas.

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Three photos of students studying on campus. On the left, McDermott sits near Cilantro. In the center, McDermott and Corson sit outside the library. On the right, Corson sits in the garden under a purple flowering tree.

Study Hard! Best Places to Focus on Campus

With finals around the corner, finding a quiet and comfortable spot to study is paramount. Take a tour of the best campus spots to settle down and study up with two AUC study-abroad students, Bayley McDermott and Emily Corson.   

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Shahjahan Bhuiyan stands and smiles at the camera in a photo on campus.

Professor Shahjahan Bhuiyan Receives Prestigious Award for Public Policy Research in Global South

Shahjahan Bhuiyan, associate professor in AUC's Department of Public Policy and Administration and associate dean for Administration and Undergraduate Studies, has received the Transition and Developing Economies Award from the International Public Policy Association

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Reem Mahmoud smiling

AUC Student to Join First Cohort of Landmark Scholarship Program in Canada

Mechanical engineering undergraduate student Reem Mahmoud is one of 30 global recipients of the McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. The scholarships are the result of a landmark C$200 million gift (about E£4,4 billion) in 2019 by John and Marcy McCall MacBain, the second-largest single donation in Canadian history.

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The attendees of the conference pose in a group shot on campus.

Supporting Startups: AUC Hosts First Afretec Entrepreneurship Conference

Entrepreneurship is a key component of Africa’s economic progress, but gaps between research, investing and implementation may hinder a startup’s success. AUC assisted in filling these gaps by hosting the first entrepreneurship workshop of the Afretec Network, an international organization that aims to encourage digital growth through the collaboration of higher education and the private and public sectors throughout Africa. 

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The CIMUN team stands wearing suits and professional dresses in an auditorium at the conference. Some students are holding signs saying "Montenegro" and "Nigeria"

AUC’s Cairo International Model United Nations Sweeps New York Conference with Highest Number of Awards

Debate your hearts out! AUC’s Cairo International Model United Nations (CIMUN) swept the National Model United Nations in New York last month. Representing Nigeria and Montenegro, the 37-person team took home an impressive 14 awards, making AUC the most-awarded university at the conference.

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A graphic showing how electrolysis works. On the bottom, a graphic of water, tinted brown with green spots. The water is pulled up through a pipe to two green buildings representing the electrolysis. Two pipes connected to the building pipe out green hydrogen, shown as green lightning with a blue H, and bright blue, clean water.

Transforming Dirty Water into Clean Energy

A bolt of energy rattles the bonds of a water molecule: H2O. The links between the molecule begin to snap as the oxygen and hydrogen particles are pulled to separate compartments. The hydrogen molecules are collected and pressurized until their gaseous form transforms into a liquid, the process guiding these powerful particles to their new life: green energy.

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A photo of a Cairo street, taken from Abdelhalim. Al Azhar mosque sits to the left and the wall of Khan al Kalili is on the right.

Between Two Homes: Experience of an Arab-American Student

“I don’t consider myself to be just Egyptian or just American. You can even hear it in the way I speak. I blend English and Arabic together all the time when I talk. I’m not one or the other; I’m both.” 

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A collage of photos featuring AUC students studying abroad. On the left, a young woman poses in front of the Eiffel tower. In the center top, a young man take a selfie with his friends on a cliff in Norway. On the bottom center, a young woman poses with her friends in France. On the right, a young woman poses with her hands lifted in front of a bridge in the U.S.

Adventures Abroad: Students Share Their Stories

Whether navigating a new country, learning a new language, making friends or adjusting to new classes, AUC students are thriving in their study-abroad programs. With over 200 partner universities and more than 300 study-abroad opportunities, the University’s liberal arts education prepares students to be curious, confident and flexible during their international learning. Read the first-hand accounts of these experiences from our AUCians abroad.

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Shahd El Helbawy stands with Wei Liu, smiling in front of a painting.

Shaping an Artist's Future: Meet the First Recipient of the Liu Shiming Endowed Scholarship

Shahd El Helbawy sees mysteries to be explored through her most recent artistic pursuit: sculpting. Her passion for art has led her to be the first recipient of the Liu Shiming Endowed Scholarship. Established last year at AUC, the scholarship will support El Helbawy’s journey through AUC’s visual arts program.

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Three photos of Carere placed in a line. Carere sits at a table in the street with Egyptian food in front of her, sharing suhoor with her neighbors. Carere smiles and poses with a peace-sign in front of a shop selling lanterns in downtown Cairo. Carere smiles and stands next to a mascot of a Ramadan character near Talaat Harb, holding fresh strawberry juice.

Ramadan from the Heart of Cairo

International student Sara Carere has never experienced a month quite like Ramadan in Egypt.

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