mai kolkailah

Dismantling Cultural Stereotypes Through Islamic Art and Architecture

“Many of my mentors back in the United States wanted me to work with Bernard O’Kane, professor of Islamic art and architecture in AUC’s Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations because he is one of the most distinguished scholars in this field,” recounted Mai Mohamed Kolkailah ’21 on what made her join AUC. At that time, Kolkailah was a Mellon Undergraduate Curatorial Fellow at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston prior to pursuing her graduate studies.

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HR Interview on Work in Fall 2021

In an interview with Senior AVP for HR Sarah Refaat, we learn the policy and plans for how to help staff transition back to work on campus in the fall.  

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Meet the Tokyo 2020 AUC Olympians

After being postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games are currently taking place, and AUC is leaving its mark halfway across the world. A number of students and alumni have taken part in this year's games, and some are about to get started.  Yossra Helmy '20 Table Tennis  

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Reconfiguring Classrooms

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a task force led by Ahmed Tolba ’97, ’01, associate professor of marketing and chair of the Department of Management, has worked to facilitate the best and safest mode of study for the past four semesters. So far, there has been a mix of full online and partial face-to-face instruction.

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Alumni Shine at Egypt's Entrepreneur Awards

AUC's alumni left their mark at Egypt's Entrepreneur Awards, taking home a number of awards. The event is held to honor the country's brightest entrepreneurs. You can find the full list of awardees here.    Best Egyptian Product: Salah El-Dardir '12 CLEO Pharmaceutical Industries 

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Riham El Adl '99 Wins Top Prize at Prestigious Italian Art Competition

Rihem Al Adl '99 spent 18 years of her life working in public relations and corporate communications, but at one point two years ago, she decided to drop everything and pursue her passion for painting full time. "I was already at the top of my game, making good money in a very secure job that I was good at. However, my soul was not entirely fulfilled, and I felt for some years that I needed to do something more creative and that truly makes me happy," she said.

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Memes and the #MeToo Movement: Wrong or Right?

“Disclosing personal experiences online can be described as a form of online activism or even cyber justice, where victims and survivors can use informal digital spaces to raise awareness around sexual violence and rape culture,” said Shahira Fahmy, professor of journalism and mass communication, who analyzed tweets, posts and memes on Twitter related to the #MeToo social movement. 

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lobna abdalla

Improving the Lives of the Many Through Education at AUC

“Four years ago, I had a dream to study at AUC. After one year, this dream came true, and I started my master's degree at the University,” said Lobna Abdalla, Master of Public Policy graduate student and recipient of the Yousef Jameel Public Leadership Program fellowship. “I felt like AUC stands as a crossroad for learning, challenges, ambition, passion, success and distinction. I was correct.”

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Scholarships Open for Second Cohort of USAID Scholars for Egyptian Public School Students

“I have been dreaming of this opportunity for so long. I have benefited so much from this program and managed to make many friends," said USAID Scholar Mohamed Hamdy, a visually impaired student, accepted in the first cohort of the USAID Scholars Activity. "As one of the visually impaired people, I feel equal to all my friends now, as I have received several training courses through this program. It is an excellent opportunity and especially for students with disabilities, as there is room for us.”

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nageh allam

Solar Fuels, Clean Water, Face Mask Filters: Technological Solutions to Critical Issues

What stands out about research conducted by Nageh Allam, professor of materials engineering, is the ability to create highly efficient solar cells that are free of hazardous lead. The impact?

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Fish Fossils Provide Crucial Glimpse Into Future of Our Planet

A team led by Hesham Sallam, Egyptian paleontologist and associate professor at the Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology, discovered ancient fish fossils that reveal important information about the Earth’s environment during one of the most transforming periods of Earth’s past, but also a critical glimpse into the future. 

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e-book on notebook

Move to E-books

AUC Press is supporting the shift from traditional printed textbooks toward flexible and affordable digital learning resources, following a worldwide phenomenon that has accelerated during the Covid pandemic.

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Kholoud Wael

Joining AUC: A Dream Come True

“It was my dream to join the AUC School of Business,” said Kholoud Wael, accounting and finance junior student. “I was inspired by its global ranking, and since then, I’ve always wanted to join it.” Wael is a recipient of the HSBC Bank Egypt Endowed Public School Scholarship awarded to one student enrolled in a finance-related major. 

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Board of Trustees Approves New Tenures

At its recent meeting, AUC's Board of Trustees approved the tenure of Assistant Professors Rania Samir, management; Nesrin Badawi

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MOU signing

AUC Signs MOU With National Bank of Egypt

Recently, AUC signed a joint cooperation protocol with the National Bank of Egypt with the aim of providing all banking services provided by the bank to the AUC community.

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