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Light brown box and black text at the top left hand side: “95 Years of Women at AUC.” On the right, a photo of Eva Habib El Masri ‘31, with the date 1928. Next, a black and white photo of two AUC women wearing black caps and gowns with the date 1953. Next, a black and white photo of a female student receiving an award, with the date 1978. Next,   a color photo of a woman graduating and wearing a cap and gown receiving her degree on stage with the date 2003. Last, a color photo of three women grads in 2023

Women at AUC: Celebrating 95 Years

AUC's first female student, Eva Habib El Masri '31, joined the University in 1928. 95 years later, AUC women have continued to raise the bar of excellence, from innovations in science and technology to shining successes in business and entrepreneurship. See the history of women at AUC, read about how women have #MadeAUCProud and learn more about the way AUC continues to encourage women's success.   

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The Board of Trustees, faculty and staff visit Eltoukhy Learning Factory, pose in a line in front of lab equipment

Board of Trustees Meets on Campus - Discusses Strategy, Community Initiatives

At its February Cairo meeting last week, AUC’s Board of Trustees engaged in a wide range of discussions including the impact of the most recent devaluation on the University, AUC’s strategic priorities, and updates on academic and student affairs, admissions, institutional advancement, finance, IT and campus facilities.

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Emiko stock

Faculty Film 'The Wedding' Looks Beyond the Altar

What's in a wedding? Emiko Stock, assistant professor of anthropology, explores this question and more in her film, The Wedding, which is being screened at the UK Royal Anthropological Institute Film Festival and Conference this month.

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Abdel-Motaal speaks at a podium during commencement while wearing a cap and gown

The Importance of Lifelong Learning: 74 Year Old Master's Student Shares Her Story

“I am 74 years old – I know it is strange for a woman to confess her age.  Our societies are aging and the concept of age is changing. As humanity begins to live longer, lifelong learning will become vital for societies to re-skill and re-adapt individuals to the times and to new economic needs,” said Kadria Abdel-Motaal (MA ‘23) in a  speech she gave as the representative of the graduate class of 2023.

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A single Egyptian pound coin rolls on its side with the text "Where are headed" in the bottom left

Sherif Kamel Talks Egypt's Top 3 Economic Challenges for 2023

With three currency devaluations in the last year and rising inflation, Egypt’s economic outlook for 2023 is riddled with uncertainty. News@AUC reached out to Sherif Kamel, dean of AUC’s School of Business, to identify the top three obstacles facing the economy at this time. Here’s what he had to say:

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Photo of ChatGPT home page

ChatGPT: Danger to Learning or Opportunity for Efficiency?

Universities around the world are facing fresh concerns brought on by the use of artificial intelligence, as newly launched programs like ChatGPT and Chatsonic allow users to enter a question and receive a structured essay in response. Ethically, is using these programs cheating the system or does it merely optimize efficiency? Logistically, if a professor wanted to ban the use of ChatGPT, is there a way to check for AI usage in their students’ work? 

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Man stands wearing a virtual reality headset and controllers while a screen behind him shows what he is seeing through the equipment

AUC Department of Construction Uses Virtual Reality to Teach Site Safety

Faculty members and graduate students from AUC’s Department of Construction Engineering are using virtual reality (VR) to develop and deploy training models that will improve safety at construction sites. These training models allow students to navigate construction sites of bridges and high-rise buildings using VR headsets to visualize hazards, including falls, struck-by injuries, slips and general construction site safety.

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A photo of campus with the text "A path to success for Egyptian high school students"

AUC Road to College Provides Free, Online English Courses for High School Students

AUC is the first educational institution in the Middle East to offer free, English-language online courses designed specifically for high school students in Egypt.

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Actors perform Piece of Mind plays

AUC's Theatre Program Debuts Original Plays Tackling Mental Health

Part of AUC’s Mental Health and Well-being Initiative, Piece of Mind is a bilingual theatrical performance that aims to start conversations about mental well-being, ranging from depression to social media addiction.

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Two young women work on a counter in a science lab with glass beakers in front of them

Raising the Bar: New Scholarship Program to Support Excellent Students

AUC launched the Excellence Scholarship Program this year, offering scholarships to high-quality students who demonstrate excellence in academic or non-academic endeavors while also considering need.

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Students in cap in gown sit at commencement

AUC Awards Exceptional Graduates at Midyear Commencement Ceremonies

Fifteen graduates were awarded at AUC's Fall 2023 undergraduate and graduate commencement ceremonies in February. Recipients were recognized for a variety of academic and service-related accomplishments. Undergraduate Awards The President's Cup Presented to the student(s) with the highest grade point average. Winner: Karim Khaled Iskander  

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Photo of Veerle De Laet standing and smiling next to book shelves

AUC Welcomes Veerle De Laet as New Executive Director of AUC Press

Veerle De Laet has been named executive director of AUC Press, the leading English-language publisher in the Middle East. 

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Photos of Ayman Ismail and Heba El Sewedy

Midyear Commencement Ceremonies Feature Distinguished Speakers

Ayman Ismail ‘95, ‘97, the Abdul Latif Jameel Endowed Chair of Entrepreneurship, associate professor in the Department of Management and founding director of the AUC Venture Lab, and Heba Elsewedy, founder and chair of Ahl Masr Foundation, will be speakers at AUC’s midyear commencement ceremonies. Ismail will be speaking at the graduate ceremony on February 15, and Elsewedy will be speaking at the undergraduate ceremony on February 18.

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Well-preserved hieroglyphs on the wall of a tomb in Luxor, Egypt

New Faculty Book Spotlights Power of Women in Ancient Egypt

From Women in Ancient Egypt book coverrom Hatshepsut and Nefertiti to everyday women from the artisan village of Deir el-Medina, a new volume edited by Mariam Ayad ‘94, associate professor in AUC’s Department of Sociology, Egyptology and Anthropology, offers a comprehensive look into the autonomy of women in ancient Egyptian society.

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A photo of the chatbot's profile picture with the test "Meet Salem, the brain health chatbot"

AUC Master's Student Creates Arabic Chatbot to Promote Brain Health

Developed by Asmaa Saeed, a public health master’s student in AUC’s Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology, the Arabic-speaking bot seeks to teach Arab individuals ways to improve their brain health in a conversational manner, such as giving advice on maintaining healthy eating habits or referring individuals to mental health websites and resources.

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