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Photo of trio performing at Cairo Jazz Festival

Prominent American Jazz Musicians Tour Egypt with AUC's School of Continuing Education

It's been all about jazz these days at AUC’s School of Continuing Education (SCE). In partnership with the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, SCE hosted acclaimed American musicians in Egypt during the 14th edition of the annual Cairo Jazz Festival. 

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A Floating Pound: Currency Devaluation in Egypt

The Egyptian pound has dropped dramatically against the dollar after the Central Bank of Egypt announced the flotation of Egypt’s currency on October 27, as the Egyptian government secured a three-billion dollar loan from the International Monetary Fund

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Azzazy receiving Humboldt Award

Hassan Azzazy Receives Multiple Awards and Recognitions for Biochemistry Research

Hassan Azzazy, distinguished University professor and chair of the Department of Chemistry, has been honored for his extensive work in the field of biochemistry with the Distinguished Research Award from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and a Doctor of Science from Alexandria University, in addition to being elected chair

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A scientist sitting in a lab

Future Fuel

Hydrogen can replace fossil fuels in essentially any area. It can be processed into fuel for airplanes and ships. It can be burned to generate electricity, power cars or facilitate industrial processes that require a large amount of heat.

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A scientist in a lab holding a test tube

What Goes Around Comes Around

Numerous studies have linked the fallout of climate change to an increase in both infectious and chronic diseases, many of which are irreversible. AUC’s Institute of Global Health and Human Ecology is working to identify and understand more of these links, which may help us anticipate, mitigate or adapt to these challenges.

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Woman standing in front of a wall with Arabian decor


When Abeer Elshennawy (MA ’92), professor in the Department of Economics, was a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota, her adviser recommended she concentrate on the environment — unusual advice for someone studying applied economics in 1992.

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Rubik's cube with map of the world

The Rubik’s Challenge

As countries scramble to improve their resilience to climate change, the need for cross-border cooperation becomes apparent.

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Man wearing a suit standing in an engineering lab

Waste Not, Want Not

“Go to waste” has never been on Salah El Haggar’s agenda. A mechanical engineering professor at AUC since 1987, El Haggar is a guru when it comes to waste management, renewable energy applications and recycling.

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Water footprint on grass

Following in Our Footprints

Carbon is a major indicator of climate change. In the last century, the amount of carbon in our air has exponentially risen to a record high of over 400 particles per million — a level reached on Earth only millions of years ago.

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Stones on top of each other in the water

Balancing the Scales

As major flooding wracks Pakistan, droughts choke much of East Africa and wildfires raze Australia, it is becoming clear that the consequences of climate change are not distributed equally across the globe. Industrialized countries in the Global North, particularly those with strong colonial histories, have the worst carbon emission records.

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Electric water scooter

Sea-curity for Reefs

Stimulated by a desire to safeguard marine ecosystems and coral reefs, MBA student Aly Mohamed introduced Egypt’s first electric water scooter that uses only 3 kilowatts of electricity for a full one-hour charge, saving 8 tons of carbon dioxide emissions for every 100 hours.

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People in class and a woman smiling

Closing the GAP-P

Large global issues such as climate change are difficult to tackle across sectors. Scientists, politicians, local governments and corporate industries often get isolated in their efforts to address environmental challenges, coming up with solutions that are narrower or smaller in scale.

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A fish swims around plastic pollution in the ocean

It's Just One Bag, Isn't It? Upcoming AUC "Invisible" Performance at COP27

“All the world’s a stage,”- Shakespeare (As You Like It) What is the world, but a stage? Jillian Campana, professor of theatre and associate dean for undergraduate studies at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, will explore the relationship between art and life during “invisible theatre” performances at COP27. 

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Visual representation of green hydrogen

Forging Futures: PhD Students' Eco-Friendly Research on Concrete and Green Hydrogen

Whether in the lab synthesizing new formulas for concrete, tackling the challenges of renewable energy or igniting a passion for learning in their students, PhD students Heba Zaky and Rawnaa Yassin are fostering the values of AUC’s academic mission.

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Promotional Image for The Earth  Turns

The Earth Turns: Upcoming Play Featuring Families in Climate Crises

Art connects human experience with climate crisis realities through The Earth Turns, a feature play from Adam Marple, assistant professor of directing, to be performed at COP27 and Falaki Theater at AUC Tahrir Square.

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