First Blended FYP Orientation Begins

For the first time, AUC’s First-Year Program (FYP) for incoming students will be blended this fall.

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Village of Bolingbrook's Acting Mayor: 'AUC was My First Experience of Venturing Out On My Own'

Mary Alexander-Basta, acting mayor of the Village of Bolingbrook, Illinois speaks to News@AUC about her time at AUC.

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Throwback: Cholera Epidemic, H1N1 Quarantine in AUC History

This year's clearing of campus to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic is not the first of its kind in AUC's history. The University had previously witnessed the outbreak of the cholera epidemic that struck the Middle East in 1947. Board of Trustees meeting minutes at the time stated that "all public assemblies were banned and schools were not permitted to open until the middle of November.

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AUC Introduces New Courses, Collaborates on International DeVilag Project to Support Egypt's Rural Community

AUC’s Center for Applied Research on the Environment and Sustainability (CARES) — in collaboration with Egyptian and European universities, as well as public and private local entities — is working on a three-year project, DeVilag, to support the Egyptian rural community.

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Physics Alum Receives MIT Teaching Excellence Award After One Year as Postdoc

​One year ago, Mohamed Abdelhafez '11 started working as a postdoctoral associate in physics education technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Today, he has received the 2020 MIT Graduate Student Council Teaching Award has become a full-time lecturer in physics after an overwhelming nomination by students. “It’s probably never happened that a physics postdoctor gets a full lecturer position at MIT after only one year,” said Abdelhafez. 

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Beirut Blast: What's Next?

The recent explosion in Lebanon shook an entire nation — and indeed the region and the world — in every sense of the word. News@AUC spoke to faculty members in different disciplines to understand the repercussions of this calamity. How and why did it happen?

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In Memory of John Rodenbeck, Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature

John Rodenbeck, professor emeritus of English and comparative literature, passed away recently at his home in France. Rodenbeck joined AUC in 1964. "When I arrived in Egypt in 1964, I found that what I'd seen in films was in some abstract degree more or less true, but that in fact the reality was 10 times as exciting," reflected Rodenbeck in "The Road Taken" (Interview) published in Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics in 2006. "I was enormously gratified. What first brought me to Egypt, though, was what killed the cat: sheer curiosity." 

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Former Study-Abroad Student at AUC: 'It Was a Deeply Rewarding Experience'

As I prepared to study abroad at AUC in the spring semester of 2008, my mind overflowed with anticipation and nerves. I was looking forward to living and studying in a Middle Eastern country, but I was worried that I would struggle to adapt to the different cultural and educational environment.

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Six Feet Apart to Six Feet Together: AUC's Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Research and Innovation Initiative

AUC’s Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Research and Innovation Initiative awarded funding to 10 different research projects that are aimed at creating an impact both during and after the global COVID-19 pandemic — contributing to the scholarship and innovation in the fight against it. In this series, we are highlighting each of the 10 projects to learn about what they are and what impact they will have on society.

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Changing Cultures and Promoting Policies: A Virtual Discussion on Combating Sexual Harassment with Maya Morsy

AUC hosted Morsy along with President Francis Ricciardone and moderator Amina Khairy '87, writer, columnist and features editor at Independent Arabia, to discuss the latest measures and efforts to combat sexual harassment. Morsy and Ricciardone also discussed the future cooperation between AUC and NCW to promote awareness on sexual harassment in higher education and discuss the policies and measures that guarantee a safer environment for women and girls.

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23-Year-Old Alumna One of the Youngest Managers at Egypt's Ministry of State for Information

Her young age didn't stop her from dreaming big and achieving her goals. Sarah Seif '18, journalism and mass communication graduate, has been appointed as a crisis communications and media monitoring manager at Egypt's Ministry of Information. At age 23, she is one of the youngest managers at the ministry, leading a team of seven people.

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Campus Conversation: #AUCSpeakUp

Last Thursday’s Campus Conversation centered on AUC’s Anti-Harassment and Non-Discrimination Policy. Senior administration talked about the University’s role in preventing and combating sexual harassment and discrimination.

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Faculty Research Tackles Root Causes, Ways to Combat Harassment

Recent events regarding sexual harassment in Egypt have encouraged people to come forward with their own stories and demand that sexual predators be held responsible for their actions. At AUC, faculty members have long been researching sexual harassment in the country and greater region, aiming to understand its prevalence and how to address it.

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