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Young man with short dark hair stands in front of trees on a college campus, wearing a navy hoodie

From Loving Computers to Tech Excellence

Honey ElMoghazi
November 28, 2023

“Since my childhood, I have been obsessed with the tech field and was always curious to know how computers worked. They really fascinated me,” said Youssef Medhat, a freshman majoring in computer engineering and a member of the first cohort of Excellence Scholars. “Once I knew that AUC provides a scholarship for outstanding students, I applied and received a full scholarship that I am confident will immensely help me pursue my goals.” 

This fall, AUC welcomed the first recipients of the Excellence Scholarship Program, which attracts a diverse and talented pool of top students. “Engaging with my community through student activities in high school while maintaining a good academic record were the two main factors that helped me get this scholarship,” Medhat explained.

While planning to immerse himself in his studies, Medhat is keen on going beyond the classrooms and labs. “I’m more interested in student organizations at AUC, such as Google Developer Student Clubs, Robotics Club, and the Computer Science and Engineering Association, which I believe will fulfill my passion for technology and further enhance my knowledge in the field,” he said. 

For Medhat, co-curricular activities are a platform to develop real-life skills and volunteer to support the community around him, as he did during high school. “I was appointed as head of the IT committees in some of the student activities I was enrolled in at school,” he explained. 

However, Medhat did not stop there. “I started my own student club at school dedicated to spreading news about tech trends.” Medhat’s active participation in student bodies throughout his high school years and his growing interest in different student organizations at AUC evoke his leadership qualities and unwavering commitment to both his academic and non-academic journey. 

His career aspirations? A software engineer, of course. 

“My time at AUC will help me get there and will enable me to have a meaningful impact in society,” he said. “I’m looking forward to this exciting journey.” 

A young man with short dark hair stands in front of trees on a college campus wearing a black hoodie.
Youssef Medhat