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Excellence Scholarship Program

Compete with the best and the brightest for AUC’s Excellence Scholarships, and earn yourself a spot at Egypt’s top University.The more scholarships you combine, the higher the percentage of your tuition coverage — up to 100%.

About the Program

The Excellence Scholarship Program attracts a diverse and talented pool of top students based on merit and need.

AUC is looking for outstanding students from diverse backgrounds who embody excellence and have the potential and passion for advancing themselves, their communities and the world. Through the Excellence Scholarship Program, the University offers a variety of highly competitive scholarships that, when combined, may provide tuition coverage from 20% to 100% in total for the very best students eligible in the various categories. Because excellence is multidimensional, AUC’s scholarships are based on a number of criteria. Excellence is the common thread that combines all categories of scholarship.

These highly competitive scholarships are based on excellence and financial need. This ensures that AUC is accessible to the most outstanding students, regardless of their financial ability.

All scholarships are applied annually and are renewable based on the recipient’s performance at AUC.

If you are an outstanding student, focus on admission, not tuition!

By the Numbers

  • Excellence Scholarship opportunities for top students
  • Average tuition coverage Fall 2023
  • Of Egyptian governorates are represented

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I got a fully funded Excellence Scholarship, and this is because I ranked third nationwide in thanawiya amma, math section. I recommend to everyone to apply, especially if you excel academically or are talented in music or athletics. AUC would definitely have a place for you.

Arwa Hossam
Excellence Scholarship Recipient, Fall 2023: Ranked third in thanawiya amma in Egypt

Excellence Scholarship Categories

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Academic Achievement 

AUC is looking for students who are top academic performers — the best of the best — in their degree certificate. Awardees are top achieving students from all high schools’ certificates, including national, international, private and public schools. Students will compete against peers of the same or similar certificate. Coverage ranges from 20% to 60%.

*All eligible scholarship applicants will automatically be considered for this scholarship based on certificate scores. 

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International Diversity 

As the gateway between Egypt, the Arab region and the rest of the world, AUC is home to a diverse student population that hails from more than 60 countries. Students who demonstrate outstanding academic performance and come from across the globe to study in the heart of the Arab world are an important part of the AUC experience. Coverage ranges from 20% to 30%.

*All eligible scholarship applicants will automatically be considered for this scholarship based on certificate scores. 

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Egyptian National Certificates

Students who earn top marks in Egypt’s national degree programs (Thanawiya Amma/STEM/Nile), regardless of the school they attend (private, public), will be considered for this scholarship. Coverage ranges from 20% to 40%.

*All eligible scholarship applicants will automatically be considered for this scholarship based on certificate scores. 

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AUC recognizes students who have distinguished themselves in the areas of sports, art, music, writing or any other field. Coverage ranges from 20% to 30%.

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Leadership and Community Service

At the core of AUC’s liberal arts education are the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for the next generation to tackle the most pressing issues facing their community and the world. To that end, we are looking for applicants who have shown impactful leadership and are actively engaged in community service. Coverage ranges from 20% to 30%.

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Liberal Arts Majors

Top students interested and committed to specialize in one of the selected liberal arts majors are eligible for this scholarship. The selected set of liberal arts majors include AnthropologyArabic StudiesEgyptologyEnglish and Comparative LiteratureFilmHistoryMiddle East StudiesMusic TechnologyMusical Arts in PerformancePhilosophySociologyTheatre, Visual Arts. Coverage ranges from 20% to 30%.

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How to Apply?

Applicants who are interested in being considered for an AUC Excellence Scholarship should check the box in the online admission application under the scholarship section.

Based on the scholarship category, students are ranked on a number of criteria that may include:

  • Certificate score (depending on cutoff scores for each cohort)
  • Submission of supportive documents
  • For some scholarship categories, an interview is required
  • Applicants to International Diversity category must apply to AUC as an international student
  • Transfer applicants who completed less than 60 credit hours (less than two years) in an accredited university are eligible to apply for AUC Excellence Scholarship. 

Any application submitted after the regular deadline will be on a waiting list pending availability of vacant slots.

Deadlines for Fall 2024 Application

Early Admissions

Regular Admissions

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