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AUC Excellence Scholarship Program Fall 2023

Newly launched Excellence Scholarship Program attracts a diverse and talented pool of top students based on merit and need.

AUC is looking for outstanding students from diverse backgrounds who embody excellence and have the potential and passion to advance themselves, their communities and the world. Through the Excellence Scholarship Program, the University offers a variety of highly competitive scholarships that when combined may provide tuition coverage from 20% to 100% in total for the very best students eligible in the various criteria. Because excellence is multidimensional, AUC’s scholarships are based on a number of criteria. Excellence is the common thread that combines all categories of the scholarship.



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AUC's range of scholarships offers outstanding students the opportunity to realize their full potential and make a meaningful impact in their community through transformative education.  

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Other Scholarship Programs

Egyptian Public Schools Scholarships

AUC along with other individuals and corporations launched the Public School Scholarship Fund (PSSF) to expand opportunities to Egyptian students who are graduates of public schools in Egypt. The selection is based on high academic achievement and financial need.

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Donor-Funded Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, AUC offers scholarship opportunities supported by individuals and corporations. These remarkable awards from donors have allowed AUC to recruit and educate outstanding and eligible students who come from different cities and educational backgrounds.

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Scholarships for Study Abroad and International Non-Degree Students

AUC offers financial assistance to study abroad students, who are visiting AUC from their home institutions, as well as international non-degree students who enrol in AUC courses but are not currently pursuing a degree.

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Exchange and Study Abroad Scholarships

AUC offers scholarship opportunities supported by individuals and corporations, to support AUC students who are accepted into an exchange or study abroad program managed by the Office of International Programs and Services at AUC.

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Financial Aid

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