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Students Use TV to Educate, Raise Social Awareness

A recent study by the World Health Organization found that the rate of domestic violence worldwide was the highest in the Middle East and Africa, with 37 percent of women reporting physical abuse at the hands of their partners. Three AUC graduate students produced public service announcements (PSAs) to educate Egyptians about domestic violence in order to raise awareness about the issue, which they found was not adequately addressed in local media.

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Lisa Anderson

Anderson Emphasizes Openness, Optimism in Community Forum

In a room filled with faculty, staff and students, President Lisa Anderson led a community forum on September 3, which addressed the University’s adaptation to Egypt’s political climate and the importance of maintaining a welcoming atmosphere at AUC.

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Psychological Research Shows "Othering" to Deepen Social Divide

“The hate rhetoric on the national scene makes reconciliation seem like a far-fetched dream,” said Mona Amer, associate professor of psychology. “There is little focus on creating a culture of healing and minimal interest in building bridges. Governmental and political groups seem to be neither listening nor compromising. This mirrors what the average person on the street does.”

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Dahawy Outlines Vision for Student Affairs

Walking through Khaled Dahawy’s door, one is quickly greeted with an inviting smile and a firm, reassuring handclasp. For Dahawy, his recent appointment as vice president for student affairs was made all the more appealing by the fact that he never applied for it. “I was surprised to find my name on the nominations list,” he said. “But this only solidified my connection with the job. The community is putting its trust in me, and I want to make sure that they don’t feel let down.”

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Mark Mine

Mark Mineart: Theatre Not Just Art, but Public Service

Drama is considered an art form throughout the world, on par with visual arts, music, dance and literature. At AUC, theatre courses are housed in the Department of the Arts, a categorization that aligns with this interpretation. But theatre’s roots are not artistic. In civilizations across the globe, theatre originated in ceremonies that were typically religious or sacred in nature. As societies grew more complex, their theatrical or performative traditions began to take place under less ‘sacred’ circumstances. However, theatre remained a pedantic exercise.

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Nagla Rizk

Intellectual Property Debate

In the music industry in Egypt, sales from CD and cassette tapes are now of secondary importance to musicians, who are making most of their profits from live concerts, contended Nagla Rizk, director of AUC’s Access to Knowledge for Development Center and professor of economics. In the meantime, domestic music piracy rates have spiraled at 60 percent, and Internet downloads have become prevalent.

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Bahia Shehab

Reviving Arabic Script Helps Create New Arab Visual Identity

In spite of a rich artistic history, Arabic script has had difficulty transitioning into a digital format for use in graphic design. Currently, there are around 500 Arabic fonts, compared to more than 72,000 fonts and counting in Latin script.

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Rania Siam

Deep Sea DNA Unlocks New Enzymes with Vast Applications

It is 4 am, and research vessel RV/Aegeo has set sail into uncharted territory. For the 60 experts who are occupying the boat, rising at an unearthly hour is not a deterrent. Long before then, the vessel has been bustling with activity, with crew members skillfully navigating the waterways and biologists clustering around lab equipment. As the RV/Aegeo approaches its intended destination, monitors begin to beep, signaling the deployment of samplers into the deep and enigmatic waters of the Red Sea.

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Jason Blum: Science Offers Lens for Understanding Spirituality

Across time and cultures, religion has played an important role in providing guidance on ways of living. Though differences across religions exist, new research suggests that certain dimensions of religious or mystical experience may be common across cultures.

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Creative Change

Art is a tool to convey messages, create an impact and spread awareness,” said May Shehab ’98, director of Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Center in Old Cairo. “It is one of the main vehicles of expression in Egypt after the revolution.”

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Who is She?

There are lots of things hindering women’s development in Egypt. We are trying to encourage women to empower themselves, then use this to empower others. Those of us with privilege and resources have to reach out and help in the community,” said Yara El Razaz ’13, who with Heba Hesham ’13, founded Heya (She): The Women’s Initiative student club to raise awareness about women’s issues and promote volunteerism. Hesham was motivated to start the club by witnessing the hardships her mother faced.

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Meet the Freshman Class

Incoming students flooded AUC New Cairo during orientation week, as faculty, staff and returning students turned out to greet them. Out of 2,826 applicants, more than 1,000 students were accepted to AUC’s undergraduate Class of 2017.

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Distinguished Alumni of the Year Recognized

During the annual Alumni Awards Ceremony, four alumni were recognized for their distinctive achievements and exceptional dedication to their careers and communities. They include the following:Yosri Fouda, Alumni of the Year Award   

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Benefit Dinner 2012

Benefit Dinner Raises Scholarship Funds, Honors Business Leaders

As the world sets sights on post-revolution Egypt as an emerging power in the Arab world, economic resurgence becomes a key target for Egyptians across the globe. Building on this premise, AUC hosted its second annual Benefit Dinner under the theme of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the New Egypt. The event, which was held on October 18 at the JW Marriott Essex House in New York, honored Perihan Abou-Zeid ’09, Mustafa Abdel-Wadood ’91 and John F.W. Rogers for their innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to advancing Egypt. More than $350,000 were raised at the event.

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