A Journey into Egypt’s Language and Culture


The American University in Cairo invites you to join its online Egyptian-Arabic language course, where you will develop your Arabic-language skills and learn more about Egyptians and their use of the language in everyday situations.

This three-week course will teach you inflectional and syntactic patterns. You will also learn the fundamentals of the Egyptian dialect through reading and oral drills within a framework of syntax, morphology and vocabulary. By the end of the course, you will have the skills required for everyday communication and interaction in Arabic, allowing you to communicate with millions of people around the world and gain an intercultural understanding.

Connect your world with ours, and join us in this authentic, fun-filled experience.

Three Weeks: January 3 - January 21

Beginners' class runs from Sunday to Thursday from 2 pm to 5 pm. Enrolled students are expected to spend between two to three hours daily working on their projects independently.

Intermediate class runs from Sunday to Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm. Enrolled students are expected to spend between two to three hours daily working on their projects independently.


Virtual class via Zoom. This is an interactive online class that requires a reliable internet connection

Any student interested in learning the Arabic language (age 15+)

Beginner Level: Students do not need to have any background in the Arabic language. The course will take them through all the necessary Arabic-language foundations.

Intermediate Level: Students must have basic knowledge of the Arabic language. The course will take them into in-depth language foundations. 

Beginner Level: Submit the application form and register

Intermediate Level: Students applying for this course must have taken two previous Arabic courses . Students will need to provide a proof to their level before registering for this course by sending an email to winterauc@aucegypt.edu.

The pedagogical approach encourages students to view the learning of the four skills as a process that is comprised of a series of interrelated activities and strategies. The lessons start with brainstorming, drafting, and commenting, building on students’ background knowledge through photos, caricature as well as videos. The process pedagogy promotes several methodologies, among them, student-centered approach, collaborative opportunities, the use of peer editing exercises. The course provides materials and tasks that are relevant to learners’ real-world activities.

Synchronous Discussions and Activities

In class, there will be various types of activities, one of which is collaborative discussions. Most of the tasks usually include exercises and application to real-world situations.

Online Activities

The students will be either reading, listening to, or speaking about different topics, in order to carry out various practice activities.


Different assignments will be conducted throughout the semester where students will work individually or in pairs to carry out certain tasks. Assignments details will be delivered in class.

Group Work

Students are encouraged to work in pairs/groups. In case students prove not to be participating effectively with their partners, this will affect their overall progress

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and pronounce all Arabic sounds and signs.
  • Understand basic conversations that foreigners are likely to encounter when they visit Egypt.
  • Initiate social interactions and ask about basic information.
  • Create simple sentences on familiar topics.
  • Learn basic grammatical rules.
  • Discover some Egyptian cultural aspects.
  • Laptop, tablet, or phone
  • Reliable internet connection (ADSL)
  • Note-taking tools: pencils/pens/paper
  • Supplementary material that includes authentic articles, book chapters, audios, and videos will be used

Ola Hashad

Hello everyone, I am a native from Egypt, and I am very proud to teach my language and my culture. I have been working in education for fourteen years (children/adults). I have a Master’s degree in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from The American University in Cairo and a BA in Media and Mass Communication from Ain Shams University in Cairo. I lived in the USA for some time, where I taught Arabic at Vassar College in New York and also at Middlebury Arabic Summer Program in California. Travelling to many countries and living among different nationalities, have given me a better understanding of various cultures and the process of teaching a foreign language to each of them. I take advantage of my personal experience in order to implement my teaching methods. 

I understand that every student is learning the language for a certain purpose. Therefore, I am committed to having differentiated instruction in my classes, in order to achieve all my students’ goals.




Program cancellation due to the Coronavirus situation Three weeks prior to the program start date 100 percent refund of program fees
Course cancellation due to low enrollment  Three weeks prior to the program start date 100 percent refund of program fees

Medical withdrawal

Prior to the program start date

100 percent refund of program fees

Visa denial

One week prior to the program start date

100 percent refund of program fees