Registration and Drop/Add Week

Except for newly admitted students who get help with their registration from academic advising, all students should have completed their registration for their RHET courses using Banner Self-service prior to drop/add week during the registration period. The priority during drop/add week is to handle cases of newly admitted students, or students facing particular difficulties (holds, pre-requisite problems, time clashes, etc.)


The course or section that I want is full, can I still get in the course?


For RHET 1010, CORE 1010, and RHET 1020 (since they are mandatory courses) if the specific section you want is full, then your only choice is to look for another section that has openings and to register in that section. If you have documented reasons clearly demonstrating why the remaining options are not possible for you then please have your academic advisor contact the RHET department immediately, with a full explanation of the situation.


For RHET 2220, all 3000, and 4000 level courses, you can add your name to the waiting list in Banner. If an opening happens in a course, then we pull from the waiting list to fill the course.



I am registered in a course, but want to switch to a new section, what can I do?


If there are openings in the course you want, then you can switch courses on Banner Self-Service, if you need help, please visit the RHET offices.


However, once a section is full, we cannot move you into that section. You can regularly check back on Banner to see if any spots open, if they do, then you can try to swap into that section. Another option is if you can find another student to swap with. If you want to register in a different section, and a student from that section wants to move into the section you are in, then you can both come to the RHET offices together and we can swap for you. You can stop by the RHET offices to get details about how to possibly find students interested in swapping.  



Do I have the right to choose the faculty member or the day and time of my RHET section?


Newly admitted students can work with their academic advisor to build their schedule, while continuing students have the opportunity to register online through the Banner Self-Service registration system during the registration period. In both cases, as long as there are spaces available in a section, students have the right to choose. However, after a section is full or has reached the registration cap, you can no longer enroll in that section. Effort is made to accommodate student schedules, but occasionally a less than perfect schedule may have to be accepted, particularly for any students waiting until drop/add week to register. After a student is registered, changes in registration can only be made by the RHET administrators or staff.


If the department changes the faculty member assigned to my course section, do I have the right to switch also?


The department makes tremendous effort to avoid changing instructors for courses once their names are posted, but sometimes due to unplanned circumstances, the department reserves the right to switch faculty members if needed. If the listed instructor for a course changes, and a student wants to change their section, the student is allowed to search for an open spot in another section, in which case, the student may come to the RHET office where we will make the change if possible. However, students cannot switch into classes that are already full or closed.


Why isn’t the cap for the 1010-RHET/CORE and 1020 sections the same for all sections?


Generally you will find that similar courses have similar caps. However, there are a variety of factors that can affect the cap of courses, such as  the capacity of the room, the number of sections offered at that time slot, the number of newly admitted students remaining who haven’t had a chance to register yet, whether it is a repeater section of the course, and more.


RHET/CORE 1010 are tandemized, but does RHET 1020 have a tandemized section?


RHET 1020 is not tandemized in the same way that RHET/CORE 1010 are, but it is required that a student complete LALT 1020 during the same semester as RHET 1020. Since LALT 1020 is a required course to graduate and since most students find that it helps them in their RHET 1020 course, students are highly advised to complete these during the same semester.