Graduate Studies Manual

AUC is distinguished by its interdisciplinary curricula that bring students and faculty from different academic disciplines together to address challenges in the Middle East and across the world. The University admits outstanding graduate students, who demonstrate the ability to do creative and original work. Our state-of-the-art campus boasts top-notch faculty members, quality research facilities and a progressive spirit.

This graduate studies manual addresses practices and procedures for different aspects of graduate studies at AUC. It aims to establish standard practices and procedures, taking into account the differences that might exist between disciplines and/or schools. The manual would document, clarify and group rules, regulations and procedures, for reference to graduate students, advisors, program directors and program administrative assistants. 


  1. Enrollment Status and Time Limit for a Degree Completion
  2. Planned Leave of Absence
  3. Academic Load
  4. Incomplete Work
  5. Dismissal, Probation, Course Repeat and Retake
  6. Withdrawal from the University
  1. Fellowships
  2. Financial Aid
  3. Teaching Assistantships
  4. Work Study Program
  5. Support Grants
  6. Teaching Assistants and Graduate Students Professional Development Program (TAGS)
  7. Workshops
  8. Library
  9. Mohamed Taymour Writing and Communication Center
  10. Career Center
  11. Residential Life
  12. Visa Matters
  13. Student Well-Being
  14. Campus Life
  1. Thesis Guidelines
  2. Thesis Requirements
  3. Thesis Preparation and Submission
  4. Roles and Responsibilities


The Graduate Advisory Council is the entity which ensures the liaison between the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and the graduate programs. It is chaired by the dean of graduate studies and is composed of the program directors of the different graduate programs as well as representatives from the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies, the English Language Institute, the AUC Library, as well as a graduate student representative from the Graduate Student Association (GSA).

The council deliberates on policy and procedural issues related to the different aspects of graduate studies at AUC. Decisions are taken by majority vote. This ensures shared governance and program buy-in for policies and procedures in place.