The American University in Cairo has two categories of fellowships: institutional and sponsored. Institutional fellowships are funded by the university while sponsored fellowships are from private endowments and donors. 

Fellowships are highly competitive awards. They are open to new students, and may also be available to continuing graduate students who display superior performance in their academic endeavors, depending on the availability of allocated funds for a given fellowship award. 

While both types of fellowships recognize high achieving applicants, the University considers financial need as well as academic merit. Preference is given to those who wish to pursue full-time study in a graduate program at AUC.



The graduate admission application must be submitted at least two weeks before the fellowship deadline. 

Graduate Diploma seeking and non-degree students are not eligible to apply for fellowships. 


To compete for the institutional fellowships as a graduate student, you must have completed your AUC application for admission. Priority will be given to fully admitted applicants into a given graduate program. You do not need to receive your letter of admission prior to your submission of a fellowship application online.  

Non-degree students are not eligible for fellowships.

Fellowship awards can be given in the form of full tuition fees coverage of nine credits per semester or partial tuition fees coverage between one and eight credits, or a reduction of fees each semester. Unless specified in the fellowship letter of award, graduate students must apply for renewal every semester. Renewal is neither guaranteed nor automatic.

Some of the externally funded fellowships available provide coverage of remedial English courses.


Some of the fellowship selection committees that are in charge of the selection process are from members of a specific school or graduate program and some are interdisciplinary in nature.  

Each fellowship application is thoroughly reviewed by the selection committee.  Fellowship committee members take into consideration academic performance, individual circumstances, demand for fellowship from other applicants and the University resources.


Institutional fellowship awards are usually for one semester.  You must reapply every semester if you continue to demonstrate academic excellence and financial need.  Fellowships may or may not be available in the summer and winter sessions. 

For externally funded fellowships (non-institutional awards) you need to check the specified duration of coverage and terms provided in your signed letter of award.


All Applicants:

It is the responsibility of applicants who are seeking financial support provided by the institution to remain informed of the fellowship and financial aid application deadlines.


New Applicants to Fellowships:

The system will not allow you to apply for fellowships unless your graduate admission application is on record. 
If you have already or recently submitted your graduate admission application and received a student ID Number please allow seven working days before starting the online fellowship web application process.

  •  To create a Banner Self-Service account, follow this link.
  • To log in to Banner Self-Service, click here

If, one week after receiving your student ID number, the system still does not allow you to start the process, please contact gradwebapp@aucegypt.edu for technical assistance. 


Continuing Graduate Students Applying for Fellowships:

If you already have a Banner Self Service account, feel free to proceed and complete the fellowship application once you have checked the eligibility requirements by the announced deadlines.


Recipients of Externally Funded Fellowships:

The inability or unwillingness to provide any of the below gives nominated candidates the right to decline the award of a fellowship.

You must agree to the following terms and be committed to:

  1. Respond to any reporting requests which may include an academic performance progress report and photo by the announced deadline.
  2. Attend scholarship/fellowship orientation events or any meetings requested which may include events with the donors by the Office of Advancement and Communications.


Graduate Fellowship Application Process Summary

Below are the quick steps on how to fill out the graduate fellowship application:

  1. Log in to the banner self-service here
  2. Enter your email username and password
  3. Click on "Student Award and Financial Aid"
  4. Click on "Apply for Graduate Fellowships"
  5. Choose the "Aid Year" and "Aid Period" you are applying for and click "Continue" (FY17)
  6. Choose the “Graduate Fellowship Application”- upcoming semester
  7. Start filling in all the required sections of the graduate fellowship application
  8. After successfully filling in all of the required sections and each has been marked as complete, submit your graduate fellowship application.

Important Tips:   

  1.  Do not forget to press the submit button for your graduate fellowship application to be processed
  2.  Do not forget to complete all sections
  3.   Make sure to check the name of the fellowship you wish to apply for under “Available Fellowships”

If you have already started your FELLOWSHIP_APPL and want to go back to complete filling it out, follow the steps below: 

  1. Click on "student awards" and "fellowship" then click on view my applications
  2. Click on view/modify found next to your fellowship application
  3. Choose to view/modify sections
  4. Start filling in all sections
  5. Resubmit your fellowship application.