Exchange Program for Graduate Students

AUC provides exchange opportunities for study abroad at a partner university for one semester only to its graduate students. 

Exchange Program: An AUC student can choose a specific university from the list of exchange universities to spend the duration of a semester under the terms and conditions of each exchange partner school. Under the exchange program model, students pay AUC tuition in return for students at the partner universities paying their home school tuition and coming to study at AUC.

 Exchange opportunities usually take place in the third semester of a four-semester program. Not all graduate programs have exchange partners in the same discipline, so students should consult with their graduate advisers to determine eligibility. 

Graduate students interested in applying for the exchange semester must fulfill all of the requirements below: 

  • GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Complete all English courses, if applicable 
  • Prior to travel: Graduate students traveling on an exchange basis must be enrolled in three courses (nine credit hours), excluding thesis and capstone courses, during the semester abroad at the host university. Students must maintain their full-time status, according to the AUC catalog
  • Graduate students applying to an exchange program must be in good academic standing. In other words, students should not be on academic probation, from the time they start the AUC interest form until the departure date
  • Graduate students who are interested in studying abroad for a semester, but not on an AUC exchange program must check the study-abroad academic credits, course advising, evaluation and transfer requirements