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International Students

For almost 100 years, students from around the globe have chosen to study at the American University in Cairo. Currently, AUC has more than 60 countries represented on both campuses. As one of the region's leading liberal arts institutions, AUC enjoys a variety of internationally-accredited disciplines and programs instructed in English by highly selected qualified faculty members. On a local, regional and global level, AUC’s academic reputation highly ranked and widely recognized.

Almost half of AUC's student body receives scholarshipsfellowships or financial aid.

To ensure a smooth transition to Egypt, AUC provides counseling and medical services, 24-hour security and safeguarding and a positive and inclusive residential life. Studying at AUC will offer students a unique opportunity at the heart of the Middle East, enjoying both a historical and cosmopolitan space that has a longstanding tradition of bringing the best of all worlds.

international students


This pre-arrival Information is designed to prepare you for your life in Cairo. We have included some basic information that is essential to prepare you for an exciting experience and time here in Cairo.

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Arrival to Cairo

What are you looking forward to the most in Cairo? Coming to Egypt is an exciting and a major undertaking in cross-cultural living and learning. We have a comprehensive guide that will help you navigate MENA’s largest metropolitan and make the most of your stay.

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Living in Cairo

Egypt is an adventurous experience for international students. Here are some tips on how to make a smooth transition; find out more about Egyptian people, culture, availability of goods and services and transportation.

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Student-run Clubs and Organizations



Principal Point of Contact (PPoC)

PPoC is the principle point of contact to all international students (degree seeking, non-degree seeking, undergraduate and graduate) that aims to assist them with a smooth transition to their new experiences. PPoC receives students inquiries, communicates them to concerned offices and gets back to students with compiled information.  

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Application Checklist

Check the application checklist and submit all the required documents before the Admission Application Target Dates.    

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AUC’s partnerships is directed at demonstrating the quality of AUC’s academic activities and their impact on the world, as well as its internal capacity in educational and scholarly endeavors, to local and international audiences and institutions.

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U.S. Federal Loans

Federal student loans include many benefits, such as fixed interest rates and income- driven repayment plans, not typically offered with private loans. In contrast, private loans are generally more expensive than federal student loans.

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Office of The Medical Services

Health Care and Insurance

AUC requires that all international students (enrolled as non-Egyptian) who are not permanent residents in Egypt, have a comprehensive accident and sickness insurance plan, including emergency medical evacuation, political evacuation natural disaster, and repatriation of remains. 

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Students studying in class

Grading and Examinations

Student work in each course is evaluated throughout the semester. Examinations, quizzes, reports, discussions or other means of evaluation help students know how they stand in a course.

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Notable Alumni


Meet Eryn! Adventurous Spirit: Singing, Cooking and Exploring the Cairo Scene

After only two months, Eryn Amodeo, study abroad student, has made roots at AUC and in Cairo, exploring the various extracurricular events and activities available to her on campus and venturing out to explore Cairo's music and art scene all while continuing to pursue her major in global communications.

Study Abroad: Experiencing Cairo Through AUC

Dean of Students George Marquis SAB '81, MA '87 Associate Vice President for Advancement Kim Jackson '84 and Olivia Smith, current study-abroad student from Bard College, recount their unique and life-changing experiences studying abroad at AUC and experiencing Cairo.

AUCians from All Corners of the World

Students dressed in traditional attires, waved their countries' flags proudly, shared their diverse cultures with one another and showed off their talents with performances on the central stage at AUC's 31st international day.

Safety on Campus

At AUC, we recognize that a university campus serves as the center of a student’s academic and cultural experience, and our Office of Safety and Security is committed to providing a safe, secure and welcoming campus environment for our global community of students from more than 50 countries.

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