Grading and Examination

Student work in each course is evaluated throughout the semester. Examinations, quizzes, reports, discussions or other means of evaluation help students know how they stand in a course. Final examinations review the entire semester’s work but are not heavily emphasized. Each examination lasts no longer than two hours and counts for no more than one-third of the final course grade. Except in 400-level courses and higher where extensive writing assignments and projects pertain, no other element in the final course grade will count for more than one-third. Final examinations are held during the official examination period, which is listed in the academic calendar of the University.

At the close of the semester, students receive a final grade in each course. The grade is the professor's official estimate of the student’s achievement as reflected in examinations, assignments, and class participation. The final grades are recorded on the student’s permanent record at the Office of the Registrar. The grade may not be changed on the student record.

The following grading system is used at The American University in Cairo:

Grade Points Description

A    4.0 Excellent

A-   3.7

B+  3.3 Very good

B    3.0

B-   2.7 Good

C+  2.3

C     2.0 Passing

C-   1.7

D+  1.3 Conditionally passing

D   1.0

F    0.0 Failing