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What is Liberal Arts Education?

Liberal Arts education provides students with the skills needed to meet this fast paced and dynamic world, building well-rounded individuals ready to pursue any career and excel in it. By exploring different fields like humanities, social and natural sciences, and languages, students learn to think critically and broadly, write effectively, work collaboratively, and solve challenging problems efficiently. It prepares students to quickly pick up new skill sets that will allow them to keep up with changes in their field and succeed in becoming future leaders.

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AUC's Liberal Arts Education Encourages You To:

AUC's Liberal Arts Experience

The Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum is the foundation of every AUC student’s education — the heart of the liberal arts experience. It includes courses in writing, language and information literacy; philosophic and scientific thinking; Arab history, literature and society; and foundational classes in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

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Academic Community Engagement

ACE integrates and acknowledges the value of community knowledge to strengthen student learning while employing student competencies to address community-defined needs.

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Undergraduate Research

As an undergraduate student, you have the opportunity to participate in AUC's tradition of research and development and make significant contributions in your field. The Undergraduate Research Program supports you in exploring original research ideas and creative work.

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Common Reading Experience

The mission Common Reading Program is to provide a common, academic-based experience for all new first-year students -- an experience that sets high academic expectations for students from the onset of their undergraduate careers.

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Writing Center

The Writing and Communication Center helps graduate and undergraduate students in all disciplines improve their writing skills and communication abilities.

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Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center guides undeclared students from the moment they join AUC until the declaration of their majors. The adviser is the first person the student meets on his or her new academic journey at AUC. 

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Academic Departments

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Rhetoric and Composition

The Department of Rhetoric and Composition provides a solid foundation for critical thinking, reading and writing, promoting excellence in research and rhetoric in a variety of multi-modal, discipline-specific and inter-disciplinary genres. 

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English Language Instruction

The Department of English Language Instruction (ELI) offers intensive, semi-intensive, and modular non-credit courses to prepare undergraduate and graduate students in academic English, critical thinking, and other academic skills that they will need at university. 

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Arabic Language Instruction

The Department of Arabic Language Instruction (ALI) is one of the oldest language and cultural hubs in the Middle East, that invites students from all over the world seeking knowledge of Arabic language and culture at all levels.

Outreach Programs

College Bound: AUC

A unique program that is a simulation of an actual college experience, offered to high-school students (entering grades 10-12) interested in discovering college life and academic subjects.

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Summer@AUC Bootcamps

AUC campus is a destination hub for quality educational experiences open to individuals with various interests and backgrounds. Summer@AUC offers diverse opportunities to develop professional, intellectual and personal skills for professional and educational advancement.

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Winter@AUC non-credit courses, offer you the opportunity to expand your educational and personal skills through hands-on and dynamic teaching methods, by immersing you in an authentic learning environment.


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Ghada Elshimi, AUC Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Academy of Liberal Arts

Our liberal arts curriculum is designed to prepare AUC students, regardless of their major, to be well-rounded individuals with lifelong learning skills necessary for successful professional and personal lives and productive participation in their communities. Through development of skills of effective communication, critical thinking and collaboration, and through reflection on enduring human issues and complex problems, students emerge with a readiness for participation and leadership in an ever-changing world.

Ghada Elshimi
Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Academy of Liberal Arts
Fikry Boutros, AUC Senior Instructor, Department of Rhetoric and Composition

You can always spot our liberal arts students a mile away because whatever their major, you'll see them debating politics, discussing science, arguing with philosophy, and appreciating art. You'll see them standing out at podiums and shining on stages. You'll see them out in the world connecting with people and behind closed doors doing their research.

Fikry Boutros
Senior Instructor, Department of Rhetoric and Composition
Yasmine Motawy, AUC Senior Instructor, Department of Rhetoric and Composition

A liberal arts university is a safe space for young people to develop the necessary informed critical perspectives and solution-oriented mindsets that allow them to participate positively and articulately in civic discourse and civic life.

Yasmine Motawy
Senior Instructor, Department of Rhetoric and Composition

Explore our Arabic Programs

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Intensive Arabic for Professionals and Non-Degree Seeking Learners

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Intensive Arabic for Diplomats

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Intensive Arabic for Summer Learners

AUC international students at the pyramids

Arabic for Advanced Learners (U.S. Nationals)

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Arabic for Degree-Seeking, Non-degree and Study-Abroad Students

AUC In Motion

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