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HR Programs and Staff Development

Building on our belief that, in any organization, the human resources are the most important resources an organization depends on to achieve success and from this scope, HR vision is to lead the organization through investing in its human capital; and our mission is to develop and implement innovative human resources programs and services designed to support the mission of AUC.

Staff Onboarding Program

Staff Onboarding Program

The onboarding program will begin from the moment you are offered a job to work with us and will continue along the way. The Office of Human Resources is your strategic partner to help you seamlessly enter your new role, and will also be on your side in your growth and development journey.


Learning and Development

The Office of Human Resources is adopting the latest technologies in learning and development by providing advanced solutions to facilitate the growth and development process of AUC’s workforce.


Excellence Award Program

It is a recognition program for a number of staff members who demonstrated outstanding service/performance or who have made a significant contribution to the University beyond the normal expectations of their positions.

AUC Competencies

AUC Compentencies

The AUC is building an organization that supports every person in their own professional journey. The AUC competencies framework is an internal enterprise, developed to enable and support employee's growth aspirations.

Performance Management System

Performance Management System

To assure all AUC employees are engaged, stretched and challenged to learn and grow purposefully; making a difference while taking ownership of their professional journey, AUC conducts an annual performance management system for all levels across the University.


Staff Exchange Program

Given the continuing efforts of the Office of Human Resources to focus on staff talent development and career progression, we give our staff members the opportunity for a one-week exchange at one of Europe’s associated universities.

Pilgrimage and Jerusalem Award

Pilgrimage and Jerusalem Award

It is an annual award given to four staff members as a recognition for their lifelong service to AUC. Winners receive the award from the University for two Pilgrimage and two Jerusalem visits. Members are chosen according to the terms and conditions applied.

Employee Emergency Relief Fund

Employee Emergency Relief Fund

The Employee Emergency Relief Fund provides support for employees of the University who are confronted with a significant, unforeseen financial emergency. The fund is supported through the contributions of members of the AUC community.

Presidential Associates AUC

Presidential Associates Program

Established in 1981, the Presidential Associates Program at The American University in Cairo (AUC) provides recent university graduates who are American citizens or permanent residents the opportunity to work at the highest levels of an international university, learn Arabic and experience life in Cairo.