Employee Emergency Relief Fund

The Employee Emergency Relief Fund is to provide support for employees of the University who are confronted with a significant, unforeseen financial emergency. Since responsible citizenship and service is one of AUC's top priorities — and being a good citizen starts at home — the fund is supported through the contributions of members of the AUC community. Their gifts provide an indispensable safety net for our colleagues who may be confronted with an unexpected, temporary financial hardship.

The fund's inaugural gift was made by the 2012 - 2013 Student Union in the spirit of fostering AUC's tradition of service, starting with the campus community. The Student Union contributed LE 100,000 of its remaining budget that year in support of the establishment of the fund. This academic year 2017-2018, AUC is contributing EGP 100,000 to the Employee Emergency Relief Fund, in addition to individual contributions from AUC community members. 

To follow the example set by our students, faculty and staff members are also invited to contribute to the Fund.​​

How to contribute to the Employee Emergency Relief Fund:

If you wish to make a gift to the fund, please note the following options:

  • Cash or Check

Kindly make all checks payable to “The American University in Cairo” and deliver to

Ms. Farida Ahmed
Assistant Director, Gift Processing
Office of Advancement and Communications
The American University in Cairo
Administration Building, Room P0021
Tel: 2615-2481
E-mail: farida@aucegypt.edu

  • Direct Deposit

By making a deposit at CIB bank account US Dollars: 100010927352 Egyptian Pound.: 100006597011.

  • Online

Gifts may also be made online by clicking here.

  • Payroll Deduction

Faculty and Staff may also set up your contribution as a monthly payroll deduction by sending an email to farida@aucegypt.edu .To cancel contributions to the Employee Emergency Relief Fund send email to farida@aucegypt.edu indicating termination of contribution. Deductions will stop as of the following month.

For more information, please contact Farida Ahmed, assistant director of gift processing, at farida@aucegypt.edu or 2615.2481.


Procedure for Applying to the Employee Emergency Relief Fund


How to apply to Employee Emergency Relief Fund:


  • Application forms must be fully completed in order to be considered. Staff members must at least have one year of full-time service at AUC to be able to apply for the fund.


  • All supporting documents must also be attached to the application form upon submission for review. In addition, financial disclosure should be submitted. Incomplete application forms will be rejected. The staff member assumes responsibility for the validity of all presented documentation.


  • The completed application and attached documentation should be sent to the Staff Affairs Unit, Office of Human Resources. Confirmation of receipt and date has to be handed to the applicant and hence the applicant has to make sure to have such proof with him/her.


  • The committee will review the application and make a decision within 10 working days (or sooner) upon receiving the application. In cases of severe emergencies, the committee will try to reach a decision within five working days. If additional information is required, the employee will be contacted by the Office of Human Resources office. Once a decision has been reached, the employee will be notified; first by phone, then through a documented message.


  • If the application form has been approved, a check will be sent to the concerned party within five working days. If the application form was not approved, the employee will have the option of appealing, but must do so by contacting the Staff Affairs director at the Office of Human Resources within five working days after being notified of the decision. The case will be closed if no response has been received from the employer.


  • If the employee chooses to appeal, it is the employee's responsibility to contact the Staff Affairs director at the Office of Human Resources for information on the appeal process and to submit other supporting documentation, which would help support the request for financial assistance.


  • If the committee does not approve the application for the second time, then the case will be closed.