Three female students performing a scientific experiment in a laboratory at AUC under the supervision of a faculty member


With more than 13 research centers and institutes, AUC is focused on producing cutting-edge research that facilitates finding innovative solutions to today’s global challenges. Our AUC faculty rank among the top 2% of impactful scientists globally, according to the Stanford University-Elsevier list.

Some recent examples of groundbreaking research produced at AUC include; creating highly efficient solar cells free of hazardous lead, researching personalized cancer treatment as an innovative alternative to chemotherapy, and employing mobile devices for location tracking technology. You can support AUC faculty and students to actively continue AUC's tradition of research and innovation.

You can make a gift directly to the following research funds at AUC:

If you are interested in partnering with AUC and establishing a research fund in a specific area of interest, email You can look at these named research funds for inspiration.

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