Professor Hassan Azzazy and science lab research

Named Research Funds

Abraaj Group Research Fund: Established in 2012 to strengthen academic research in private equity, venture capital and investment management.

Ford Foundation Endowment for the Social Research Center: Established in 2002 to build long-term sustainability for the Social Research Center, which conducts and encourages multidisciplinary social science research in Egypt and the Arab region, trains researchers, and guides and assists graduate students, scholars and organizations engaged in social science research in the region.

J. Duggan Endowed Memorial Fund for AUC Library Staff: Established in 1985 to provide library staff with training and development, including English training, at AUC, and local and regional conferences and workshops on library skills, Egyptology, archival systems and information technology services.

Mohammed Bin Abdulkarim A. Allehedan Scholarship and Scientific Research Fund: Established in 2015 to support Arab students and scientific research dealing with development in the Arab world.

Samer Soliman Endowed Forum for Democratic Transformation: Established in 2013 to support an ongoing lecture and seminar series on contemporary public issues.

Zahi Hawass Endowed Research Fund in Egyptology: Established in 2013 to support hands-on research activities for graduate students in Egyptology, including excavations, attendance at conferences, visits to foreign museum collections and sites, and other activities.

Archeology Excavations and Research Fund: Established in 2017 to support the research and archaeology excavations of Dr. Salima Ikram.

AUC Research Support Fund: Established in 2017 to advance world-class scientific and technical research.

Benaa Wa Amal Research Fund for the School of Science and Engineering: Established in 2015 to support research in engineering.

Clean Drinking Water Through Solar Energy in Egypt:  Established in 2016 to support the construction of solar water purification systems. As part of Atmosfair gGmbH's climate protection measures and commitment to sustainable development, the plants will not only reduce CO2 emissions, but also facilitate access to clean drinking water.

HSBC Flagship Program - Egypt:  Established in 2015 to support sustainable waste management and recycling in schools and villages, and to provide access to clean water for underprivileged Egyptian villages.

HSBC Food for the Future:  Established in 2016 to provide and protect water sources, inform and educate communities, and enable people to prosper and drive economic development around the world.

HSBC GSC Solar Chicken Incubator Project:  Established in 2016 to support the installation of one chicken incubator system in a farm in the Fayoum oasis.

HSBC Saving Egypt's Water - Sustainable Water Management Project: Established in 2015 to tackle three aspects of sustainable water management in Egypt: water efficient and integrated water management in the oases of the Western Desert (including clean drinking water, agriculture and drainage water as well as education and awareness raising), water efficient urban agriculture on the roofs of Cairo’s informal areas, and the availability of clean and healthy drinking water to marginalized coastal communities on the far south Red Sea Coast.

Mentor Graphics Research Fund: Established in 2017 to support the research of the director of the Center of Nanoelectronics and Devices in the general area of computer-aided design of electronic circuits.

Moataz Al Alfi GAPP Faculty Research Awards: Established in 2013 to encourage faculty members in the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) to enhance the quantity and quality of publications in peer-reviewed journals and subsequently have a positive impact on accreditation and on overall university ranking.

Pharco Case Studies Fund: Established in 2016 to support the development of 20 case studies and build the capacity of business professionals through the development of high quality case studies.

Solar Driven Drinking Water Supply Project For Village Communities in Egypt: Established in 2016 to support a solar driven drinking water supply project for village communities in Egypt's Western Desert.