Senior Class Gift

Your Senior Class Gift

During the midyear 2018 commencement, you may have noticed many graduating seniors wearing a distinguished blue chord, labeled “Senior Class Gift." Class 2018 marked history as President Francis Ricciardone recognized in his speech students with the blue senior class gift chord the class for giving back to AUC. 

"At AUC we try to nurture and inculcate a spirit of service and of giving forward, not just giving back, but giving forward," said President Ricciardone, thanking those wearing the blue chord for their contributions.

AUC students actively supported the Senior Class Gift marketing campaign, which included video a flyer and production of a video to encourage their friends and community members to support the University.

All the hard work of participating students came together during the Student Union's cap and gown event and their graduation rehearsal.

This year, the #GIVE18 and #Student2Student campaigns were huge successes. In total, 138 students participated, which is equal to around 27% of the graduating seniors supporting and giving forward to other students to enrich future student experiences at AUC.

Remembering the support he received in his studies, Amr El Alfy, former Student Union president, said, "I was a scholarship recipient, and it is good to give back to the community and widen the students' opportunities." 

"Give back to AUC students, for that a brilliant student could experience your path and create a change," Malak Rostom, former Student Union vice president, encouraging her peers to continue giving to AUC.

Regardless of how much you give, your contribution to the University has an impact on students’ lives by:

  • Providing scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students who might not otherwise have the same opportunity to come to AUC
  • Supporting the library, the main resource of information on which you depended throughout your course of study at AUC
  • Allowing AUC to recruit outstanding faculty members, conduct groundbreaking research and maintain its state-of-the-art facilities to provide students with the kind of education and experience they deserve

An AUC education has helped thousands of alumni succeed, and you are soon to become one of them! To make a contribution to your Senior Class Gift, call 2615.2382 or send an email to

#Give18 Senior Class Gift Campaign