Why Give

Education is one of two crucial initiatives in Egypt right now (the other being health) and is on the nationwide agenda to grow and improve Egypt’s future. Over 60% of AUC’s students currently take some form of scholarship/financial aid, which underscores the huge importance of scholarships and fellowships.

The support of our alumni, parents and friends allows AUC to recruit the highest quality faculty, who not only teach with excellence, but conduct research on a global scale. Being able to recruit great professors enriches the academic experience, which in turn, attracts the country’s brightest students.

The importance of research is universal because it builds knowledge and facilitates learning. It finds solutions to issues, whether scientific, environmental, political, health, etc., and raises public awareness of it. AUC has traditionally created the movers and thinkers of the Middle East. This can be seen in its 40,000+ alumni who live across the world and who are prominent in all walks of life.

Thank you for choosing to give to AUC!

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