Why Give

Last updated on February 7, 2019


Why Give to The AUC Centennial Campaign?




• Create an engine of opportunity for the country’s brightest students — the foundation of tomorrow’s thriving middle class.

• Connect Egypt to the world. Nurture a dialogue between countries and cultures — the only way to address global problems.

• Promote a flourishing culture. Remind the world that Egypt — as much as any civilization on Earth — understands the value of art. Build healthy neighborhoods that can serve as models for cultural development around the country.

• Bring experts and citizens together to imagine a brighter future for the Middle East.

• Honor the history of a great institution — and inspire a new century of impact.

• Most of all, you make a smart, strategic investment in an outstanding, global education that bridges cultures and offers a way forward. You invest in the transformative power of an AUC education.